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Monday, September 13, 2010

Brigitte's Bounty of Bellatrix's Birthday Booty!!!

Hi Everybody, This is Brigitte here with you today, and have I got some unbelievable booty to tell you about!

Thanks to Wilma for letting me post about it today.

On Saturday, when we got home from our meet up, there was a package waiting for me on the step.That's right,for ME, Brigitte.
It was from my girl Bellatrix!

I had won her Birthday Booty Giveaway last week, and here it was!

Bellatrix is so generous, she wanted to share her celebration with her friends. I was the lucky one to receive this bodacious bounty.

So we went in the house and I had to get started right away investigating the package.

Everyone was real interested in what was inside the box.

Whatever it was in there, it smelled out of this world!

This is what Mom got out of the box for me....

but I knew...

There was something more in there...

I could smell it

Huckle Buckle Beanstalk!!!

I found a bully!!!

and one for Sluggo...

nom, nom, nom,

and, one for Wilma!

but where is she?

She immediately ran down the hall into the tv room with hers!

"Do you mind?!"

Plus, hiding in the box was this!

A lambie!

It's a piggo, and Sluggo has a real passion for piggos

So,after seeing how much he loved it,

I decided to let him keep it.


The best part, is that we never get these kind of treats, cuz we tend to fight over them.Everyone was so excited about their own personal bully, that we didn't seem to care about anyone else.

I think Bella may have brought cow parts back into our world!

Thank you Bellatrix!
 The only thing is that because we don't usually get these things...

I don't know what the flat things are. Other than they make Sluggo fart real stinkers.

Are they some of the thing you gave to Puglet, Bella?

Here is a video, showing how much I love my booty.

Thank you Bellatrix!!!!


  1. Brigitte!! I'm so happy you like all the birthday booty. I forgot to tell you the flat sticks are turkey gullets, they are heavenly! Very low in calories (for those of us watching our figures) and are my favorite treats. I made sure all the edible stuff came in sets of 3, after all it's fun to share and I would never ever leave Wilma and Sluggo out.
    BTW Sluggo made my Random Act of Cuteness blog today. I still need pics of you and Wilma.
    I'm happy you enjoyed your treats and that you could all share. Spreading pug love is what life is all about.

  2. Nom Nom!!! You look so cute in your sock monkey bed! Congrats on the booty!


  3. That's a pretty awesome box of goodies. I'm especially interested in the lambie. I'm having mommy look them up right now...and that sock monkey bed, even though its not part of the booty.


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  4. Wilma
    You are so lucky to get all those goodies.
    What a nice prezzie,
    I know you share,,, because that is the kind of heart that you have

  5. bully stix! nothing better to put a smile on a pug's wrinkly little face. happy birthday!

    love the new blog header pic, btw :)

  6. Oh Wilma,
    what a great gift from Bellatrix!!!!!
    Im so glad you shared it with your siblings,
    I bet you all had the bestest day. There is nothing like a nice surprise in the mail as
    lomng it is something you want cause sometimes there are surprisrs you dont want



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