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Friday, December 10, 2010

Grammy Guest Blogs ~ The Family Newsletter

Wait. wait, STOP!!!
 I know what you are thinking..."Oh, no. Not one of those obnoxious, self absorbed, we are so much better than you holiday newsletters" "mark as read" Don't do it! I promise, this one is different. This one is anticipated with great excitement year after year. Why? you may ask. Well, I'll tell you why. First, it is written by my Grammy. My very smart, funny, talented, beautiful and generous Grammy. (that oughtta garner me a few extra treats next visit, eh Grammy?) Second, it is all about the family pets. Us pugs and my kitty cousins Lucie and Zelda, who live with my also very talented, beautiful, funny, generous auntie (get that auntie? more extra treats) These attributes run in our whole family (that's for everyone else, I have set myself up right for the holiday visits)

You see, every year, Grammy sends out this newsletter with all the Christmas cards. It is always so much fun to read, I asked her if this year I could share it with all my bloggy friends. She graciously agreed. So, without further adieu, I give you...

Jingle All the Way

Preparing their case

I am Zelda, hear me roar

Too much catnip?

“The time has come” our Zelda said “to talk of many things. Of how we were neglected and of cabbages and kings. And where the ‘el this year has gone and whether pugs have wings. We need to tell the story of our trav’ling parents dear. Who left us with a sitter many times throughout the year. First they went to Philly for a weekend and a steak. A few days only they were gone and that much we could take. Then Mom and Dad lived dangerous and went upon a cruise. To beautiful Alaska land of glaciers, bears and booze. The camera kept on snapping so much beauty did they see. But not a moose or bear appeared, not even Sarah P.! And once again the sitter came, they were in touch by phone. She gave them good reports on us although we really moaned. So they came home again for just a short while it would seem—then the bags were packed again, they went to New Orleans! And after that the Diva to convention she did go. Now we need to get revenge, our talons we will show. In a courtroom Kangaroo the fur will start to flying; Puss In Boots will represent us and he won’t be lying. No kitty corners will he cut to let the judges hear just how our parents drove us to addiction will be clear. Left to our own devices we got into catnip trouble. We are in withdrawal now and they are on the bubble. So Mom and Dad for your defense call 1-800-SHYSTER. It will cost you many bucks for someone who is feistier. Our feline expert witness says the case is cat and dried. Unless we’re forced to settle by encouraging a bribe. We can be had by fluffy pillows and some tasty treats. And always when you leave the couch we need to take your seats. Then peace can reign in Gotham on the street of Riverside. Where kittens rule and parents go along just for the ride!

Now for pug stuff, Wilma said, well I don’t want to brag. But our poor cousins stayed at home while we went on a jag. Our Mom and Dad brought us along to sand dunes in Cape Cod. In P’town we were quite a hit with Sluggo’s awesome bod! Folks with other little dogs would stop us on our walks. They ooohed and aaahed so cute were we and spoiled us with that talk. We scored some puppacinos and some very tasty treats. Our friends from Vegas spoiled us too by sneaking us some meat. Then back to Beacon Falls we went and I began to blog. I write some words and give advice to pugs who like to log. On Wednesday Words of Wisdom well I am the biggest hit. Slug and Britte contribute but depend on me for wit. Also I can rat them out when they have been quite bad. Like when the monkey bed was chewed and Mommy acted mad. Who knew there were so many pugs just waiting for advice. They send me notes, I win awards it really is quite nice. I and Brigitte now have met some handsome dogs we love; but sometimes Sluggo barges in and gives those guys a shove. ‘Cause he’s in love with Wilma but we aren’t really sure. The moves upon our boyfriends are entirely so pure. Mom made us costumes for our clubs and then for Halloween; Sluggo was a pumpkin head and I, a fairy queen! And now I know you’re wondering how this year’s garden fared. Because we moved from Hamden Dad, the gard’ner, was prepared. The veggies were abundant and asparagus so sweet. Tomatoes named Hungarian hearts could surely not be beat. And all you vampires out there waiting for a tasty neck. You shouldn’t stop at our house we have garlic by the peck! So check our blog and you will find adventures never fear. And while you’re at it have a happy 2012 next year!

On the newsletter, there are mucho pictures of us here. But it was a hassle to post them and you already know how amazingly cute we are. Now you can see, our feline side is just as great!

We hope you have a great weekend! Thanks Grammy!


  1. Wilma;
    You have done me proud! Thanks for the compliments and you can bet your stockings are full of treats already after reading all those nice things you said about me. (All true of course) The pictures of you came from your lovely, talented, generous, brilliant Mom who fit right into our family from day one,(this should get me some help with Christmas dinner) so your fans have already seen them. And they know how adorable you all are indeed.
    Enjoy the weekend and I'll see you soon.


  2. Wilma

    Your grammy is a genius. Pure genius.

    I'm really really loving your all's Christmas picture. It's pretty wonderful.


    Minnie Moo

  3. Oh Wilma!! We loves yous pho-toes!! Love it!!
    You all are just so adorable!!
    Your Grammy did a wonderful jobs and is very talented~

    Mommy can't stop staring at yous cuteness~
    (IzZY is ready to unplug 'da 'puter... hee hees)

    Josie, IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

  4. What a great Christmas letter! If they were all like that, we'd read 'em! You guys are truly special to have a grammy like that.

    Drools and licks,
    minnie and Mack

  5. First you photos are so cute! You all looks great. Next the letter is funny and we love it too.

    PS Mom is getting Tuni a new bed....

  6. What a great newsieletter! And we love your new header. You guys are just so smooshable!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  7. Oh I wish I had a Grammy like you. You are so lucky.. and your grammys newsletter was the bestest of all. So much news.
    Oh i wish I had a grammy.
    Your photos are so adorably cute..
    I know so many who would love to just kissy you so much

  8. My puggies are in envy and want to know if your Grammy will be theirs also? Such beautiful writing tales!

  9. OMD! We want Brigitte's dress! Mom saw that in the store, but they didn't have our size!!!!! If your mom sees any more of those in medium, our mom will pay lots of treat money for those dresses.

  10. i still say your gammy should write a kittty and a puggy book. I for one would buy it. I think those kitty's have done a good job of amusing their parents also.



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