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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Be a comfort connoisseur"

Now, I know, this seems kinda like obvious advise, but I am not talking just your casual creature comforts. I am talking comfort on a whole new level, gain an expertise in comfort. Case in point. Look at the following photo...

I look quite comfortable, no? I am, but wait, I could be even MORE comfortable.

All it took was a little more nestling and a more relaxed state.

You may also want to utilize assistive devices to optimize your comfort level.

For example my fire. Oh wait, I need a minor adjustment...

Ah, sometimes all it takes is just a little kick out.

Or a simple readjustment.

Having others on board with your quest for comfort can only be a help.

After all, being surrounded by chaos can only hinder your pursuit for the ultimate level of relaxation.

Sometimes they can go overboard however...

(Sluggo is actually asleep on top of me in this photo)

You will find that achieving your highest level of relaxation will help you in all aspects of your life...

Your wakeful hours will find you more invigorated.

Thoughtful contemplation will come more easily.

You will find a sense of overall peace that will emanate from you. Your friends may even ask what has changed about you.

So, I encourage you my friends, find that most comfortable spot you favor and think about what could make it even better. Seek the assistance of your people. That is what they are there for. Settle in, and just when you think you are as comfortable as you can be....take a deep breath....let it out slowly.....clear your mind of all things.....and find your bliss.


  1. Oh Wilma this is definitely where I excel (according to Mum), she says I am a natural, so natural that you may almost mistake me for being in a coma.


  2. Namaste, Wilma.


    Pee S. Mom is LOLing at the pic of Sluggo all cashed out on top of you!!!! HAHAHAHAAA!

  3. Hehe, loves Sluggo on top of you asleep. I do that to Lincoln. He doesn't mind too much.

    Being comfortable is a must.


    Minnie Moo

  4. Wilma the Wise,

    You are so right. In fact, you are so right that at this moment, we are taking your advice (while letting Mommy write this) and relaxing. Now, if we could only teach Mommy to relax like that.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

    P.S. We think you should write about all your wise wisdom words.

  5. 'da Josie lays in Sock monkey bed while resting head on not pillow butt one of mommy's designer hand bags instead...

    Makes for really comfy pillow..
    Hers gets mad?

    We's lite a candle and meditate wits all our furiends here!!


  6. Those are awesome words of true wisdom, Wilma. So incredibly true. I love how you nestle into the sofa cushions just like me. (Mom loves the photo of Sluggo sleeping on top of you.) I try to attain that level of comfort every chance I get, but sometimes I am thwarted by little Miss Perfect. sigh


  7. Oh I was really enjoying this post and I thought you all looked so snuggly and cozy and I was just about to doze off myself just by proxy, but then I saw that picture of Sluggo on top of you, and it made me glad to be an Only Pug!


  8. Winston,
    Haha, mom says sometimes she gets nervous and has to come make sure I am breathing. Talk about in the zone.

    Hey Sal,
    Right, looks like he is having his way with me. But we know better, don't we Salinger.

    Pearl and Daisy,
    I ammso glad you are gaining such expertise in comfort.

    Oh Josie, you are too much. Laying on your Mommas purses. I am going to take your lead and check out my moms too.

    Oh Roxy,
    I feel your pain. You know I have a little miss perfect too. She is the oldest one but so full of energy. Always busy. She needs to learn to slow down.

  9. we hear so much snoring its ridiculous, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. Wilma
    This was a beautiful post in more ways than one.
    Thoughtful, true, loving, sharing and more than that too.
    We loved all the beautiful photos.,, especailly the one of Sluggo laying on top

  11. i love the one with sluggo sleeping on top of you now where did you i mean where did he learn that?



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