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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

                                                          " It's good to be queen"

Hello people. I am going to use this weeks wisdom as kind of a Christmas wrap up/you won't believe what I got kind of thing.

First, I really enjoyed seeing many of your holiday decorations. I haven't really shared because Mom was lame, and took forever to figure out what she was going to do about a tree. Longish boring story, but suffice it to say, when she finally relented, and got a fake tree for 70% off at Jo-Ann Fabrics, it was two days before Christmas. A little late to start posting pictures, when she hadn't even finished shopping, cooking etc.
So, here is my contribution to the decking of the pug halls 2010~

Our mantel. Safety boy, er, Dad, doesn't allow stockings over the fireplace. Have any of you ever heard of a fire started by innocent stockings waiting to be filled? Me either.
Ultimately the only stockings that Santa fills are the ones we have at Grammy and Grampy's, so no biggie.

A closer look at the reindeer over the fireplace. There is no way we are mounting stuffed dead things on the wall. I don't think Santa would approve, plus it's gross and mean. No offence Sara, or wait, I don't care if I offend her. So this is our environmentally friendly, no deers were harmed in the making of this item, green reindeer, made from recycled cardboard with a red nose added for the holiday.

Artsy fartsy view of mantel.

Me, doing my flying reindeer impression.
I was thinking of asking Noodles if she could hook me up with a job next year.

View from the kitchen window.

Some of my favorite ornaments.

And, here it is... all four feet of the fake pre- lit tree from JoAnn Fabrics, on clearance, on a table, thanks to having Sluggo, a BOY dog, in the house, destroying my dream, of a fun trip to the tree farm to choose my very own tree, and fill the house with the smells of the season. Thanks, jerk.

Here he is looking for Santa


OK, no more mind numbing decorations. Let's get down to it. My wisdom. It's more like just sharing the best gift ever, than real wisdom. But it does stem from being the queen.
As far as gifts go, we made out.

There were toys, and treats, bones and trinkets. Here I am with a big Christmas moose at Grammy's.
 But nothing compares to this...

are you ready?

hold on to your sock monkey beds people...

I have my very own domain!!!

I know, I know
wah, wah...
What the heck is a domain?
That's what I said when I first found out.
So I looked on line and found this on the

1. A territory over which rule or control is exercised.

Ha! There you have it, in black and white...
I am master of my domain!!!
(That's a Seinfeld reference for those of you old enough to appreciate the greatness of that show)

Anyway, the deal is, that Dad went to and purchased for me.
I am not really sure exactly what happens other than you being directed to this blog from there, but, I still think it's pretty freakin' cool!


  1. Um, isn't cardboard flammable, too? Just saying. But the mantle looks pretty. We would hang our stockings on our mantle, but mom hasn't finished making them from our first year. Maybe this year, yeah right.

    Our tree is on a table, but it's more about us peeing than Quincy, since he's the only boy and he wears bellybands. Besides Petunia and Isabelle both hike their legs like a boy. And we would totally rip into the presents. Mom is putting a fence around the tree, too. There's a ginormous Great Dane coming who demolishes buildings with his tail. That could help for next year.

    That's awesome you have your own domain. Very cool!

  2. Bawhahahaha! Master of my domain. I am definitely old enough to appreciate a Seinfeld reference!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. LOL! Wilma is "Queen of the Castle, Baby"! Congrats on being the Master of your Domain. Do you win $200 along with that cool new site?

    Mom LOL'd at you calling Sluggo a JERK! I get called that a lot too (among other things) so I just figured it was a synonym for "fabulous pug".

    LOVE your Christmas decorations...even that weird cardboard head thing.


  4. love your white christmas tree and ornaments! You are truly a queen!

  5. We tried, and it totally worked! Guess you truly ARE the master and commander. We bow down before thee, oh beneficent Wilma.

  6. Oh Wilma!! We love your decorations!! And yes, stuffed dear heads are gross and mean!!

    Momma loves 'da little puggie ornament too (go figures)
    We can't wait to see what your new Wilma Page is going to be!!! IzZY is tapping my should bump.. hers wants to be a guest.
    She said you can interview hers.. Ut ohs.. 'da to of yous.. Hmmmm HBO show... hee hees


  7. Can't imagine where Safety Boy gets that attitude. Anyway, you always were Mistress of your Domain and now it's official. Grampy is blaming me for influencing your Mom with the fake tree bit. Saves a lot of time anyway.
    Loved sharing our Christmas with you gals and guy. Looking forward to many more.

    Love you,

  8. Holy moly! You have your own world?!!!!! Awesome.

    We like your pretty decorations - especially the little red bird.

    Oh, btw - Mommy bought 3 of those fake trees at Joanne's a few years ago. She loves them!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  9. Such nice decorations! I really like your flying reindeer imitation!

  10. Hi Wilma! OMG you have your own DOMAIN?! What a cool gift from your Dad!

    I can't stop giggling at your flying reindeer impression!!! I am so glad you cutie pies had a great Christmas!


  11. Wilma, of course you have your own domain. You are awesome in the extreme! You deserve your own domain and even I, the Devil Dog, bow down to you.

    Love your flying reindeer impression. If you ever come up to NH, come visit. We'd love to meet you.


  12. Wilma
    Your famous now having your own domain,!
    I love all your decorations ,, we looked at each and every one..
    I especially love the flying reindeer... your the cutest,,,
    don't forget to come help me make a snow man

  13. well i say tell your mom to put those darn socks up there on the fireplace , they can be takin down temporally. i love the reindeer and of coarse yoou playing the flying reindeer

  14. also calling your brother a jerk, just like the old days. right-- kathy

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