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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's All Good...Scratch that...It's All Great!

We all went to see my beloved Dr Ericson for mine and Brigittes acupuncture appointments the other day. There are hardly any pictures because Mom gave up trying to document the circus that is her trying to manage 3 totally out of control pugs. Brigitte is always so excited that as soon as she hears Dr Ericsons voice she starts the woo,woo, woo's. Sluggo is busy hiding behind Mom and growling at any other dog in the waiting area. These behaviors result in our being shuffled away to an exam room to wait in private for our turn. This is actually good, because then we get taken off our leashes and are free to sniff around and chill out while we wait.

Brigitte went first this time. Mom had been silently freaking out over a thing she found on the back of Brittes leg over the weekend and she wanted the doctor to look at it right away.

It is about the size and shape of a Lima bean and was on the back of her haunch under some long fur so you don't see it when she walks and she doesn't get furminated back there so it was hard to say how long it was there. Well, all the research Mom did led her to believe it might be a skin tag. This kept her from going to the emergency vet for a biopsy/excision over the weekend. It didn't stop her from worrying about the worst however. Ugh, parents. She should read my words of wisdom from this week and learn to relax. Well, her fears were put to rest when The good Dr said that it was indeed a skin tag and nothing to worry about unless it becomes bothersome. She said it may even fall off on it's own. Yea Brigitte!

So, as if that wasn't good enough, when I got up on the table for my treatment, Dr Ericson said that I felt great! She said that if she didn't know me, she would never know I had any issue with my patella. She couldn't feel any thickening in the joint, and the way I was romping around the room with such spring in my step she couldn't, in good conscience, take my twinkie money for a treatment I didn't need. So a few chiropractic adjustments and a lot of love and kisses later, we were outta there. No needles. Ordinarily, I actually might be ticked off that money wasn't spent on me. I don't mind my treatments, they make me all zen. But honestly, I am just so thrilled that I am doing so great, I let that go. Plus we got little bags of Hershee's Bison Liver Treats for our stockings from the Doctor. She doesn't realize it now, but there is no way I am waiting til Christmas for those things. AND, he was there, in the office, Hershee! We didn't get to sniff butts though, I guess he's a little uptight around other dogs. That's ok with me, as long as he keeps producing those awesome treats.

All that excitement and good news didn't stop us from being real (Mom's word, not mine) dick's on the ride home. We prefer to ride in the truck. The carseat leaves too big of a gap between the front and back seats in her car. So, here are a couple shots of us piling on top of each other trying to get up front...

I guess we kinda were being dicks.


  1. What is it with Mom's calling us names after a car ride? I'm sure she meant you were being "angels". Hahaha. Just be glad you aren't strapped into the dorky car seat my friend.
    So glad to hear Brigitte had a skin tag and nothing serious. She sure looked naughty laughing in that pic..
    I guess you have worked your Queen magic once again and found a way to score a private room at the vet. Very smart you are.

    Kitty and Coco

  2. Ha ha you guys look like me! I am so bad in the car. Tuni has skin tags on the inside of her back calls them her extra nipples because they kinda look like them hee hee!

    That is great you all are doing so well!


  3. Hey Kitty and Coco,
    The thing is, we are in a harness in the doggy bench. We just pulled ourselvs forward far enough to squeeze between the 2 front seats. Otherwise, we would be driving.

  4. Glad to hear that you are doing so well, Wilma! Isabelle was going to have acupuncture for her arthritis, but between losing weight and lots of glucosamine, she doesn't need it anymore. Tallulah could use some of that zen, though. She's way too uptight and anxious.

    Quincy has those skin tags, too. Good thing Brigitte's is on her back leg. He has one that he can scratch and it bleeds sometimes.

  5. lmao!! i can totally relate to the car ride and being a dick! lol cyrus blows buggers on us and he leaps from left to right left to right every 5 seconds. we even have him in a seat belt harness but it doesn't even matter to him haha

    glad the dr visit went well! love the woo woos :) the bark of a pug is so distinct haha

  6. I am glad everything turned out OK! You do look rather irritated in the car! Hope it was a short ride!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Yay fur da good news from da V-E-T!!
    Luvs da pug pile pictures in da car. :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. omg! sasha does the same -- woo woo woo! when she gets excited. and all 3 definitely do the pug pile in the car, trying to smoosh their way into the front seat.

  9. Paws up to you guys for making mom lose it in the car!!! Way to be DICKS guys!!! HAHAHAHAAA!

    Brigette, your skin tag looks like one of those turkey pop thermometer things like my pal Stubby has on him! I'm glad it's nothing...but you really should call it a "beauty mark" like Cindy Crawford has!

    Ok...resume Pug Dickery....


  10. Good thing all the worrys are sleeping now,, and it just turned out to be skin tags...
    I never heard of skin tags until now.
    I think a celebration is in order for such good news.
    When I ride in the car,,, I am like an unruly baby kangaroo...
    Get those snackie treats and enjoy them

  11. i am glad you got those treats and i agree i wouldnt want to wait til christmas either. but as long as you are healthy.



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