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Monday, October 4, 2010

Dinner with my Murphy and Love is in the Air

Sluggo, Duke, Brigitte,Murphy and me.

Like I told you, I had a special visit after the parade on Saturday. My  love Murphy came over for a dinner date with Duke and his Mom and Dad.
The picture above is right after we had some whippy for desert. Nommy!

                                  I had to steal a kiss right away. I was so happy to see my man.

But, check this...

Brigitte and Duke were cozying up to each other. There has been a little flirting going on between these two, and it looks like they really like each other.

Sluggo had Murphy over by the woodpile.He was telling secrets. Probably some Fire Hydrant nonsense, I couldn't get it out of either one of 'em.

I had to make one of my sexy, "remember how hot I am" poses to get Murph's attention back.

Here's a handsome shot of  Duke.

Brigitte was ready to go in, and Duke was right by her side.

Here's my sweetie.

We hung out indoors while the humans ate dinner and didn't share with us.
Oh, we got a couple of slivers of dehydrated liver, but these guys were feasting on meat and bread and Italian cookies. WTF?!

It really didn't matter though, I was having the best day.
My Murphy brought me a pressie. Duke brought one for Brigitte and Murphy's Mom gave Sluggo a special pressie too!

                                 The bear is mine, the hot dog is Sluggo's and the carrot is for Brigitte

I sat with my bear for a while.

Brigitte was interested in Sluggo's hotdog,

as was I

He wasn't giving it up.

We have been playing with them all day!

Thanks guys!


  1. Heehee. In all your pictures with your bear you look like your saying 'It is an alien from outerspace!'


  2. That is a very sexy, come hither look you gave
    Murphy in that photo. Love it hehe. Glad you
    had fun!

    -Dana & Daisy

  3. What fun you have with company! Ah, true love, must be nice to have such a good selection of guys to choose from.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. 5 pugs in da house! what glorious pug mayhem!

  5. Oh Wilma, you give off the sexy-look like none other! It's no wonder that Murphy is so smitten with you!!!



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