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Thursday, October 21, 2010


This post is dedicated to my pal Salinger. If you don't know already, Salinger's Mom has constructed the the most humiliating Halloween costume for him to wear.
Poor Sal. Talk about jackassery.

So Mom comes home with this get up yesterday.

Now  granted,  I am not dressed as a poop factory, but rest assured this princess costume is humiliating. Not for the reasons you may think. I like dressing up. It's fun. But this costume came from a discount store *gasp*.

I wear only the finest couture or hand made costumes.Ones that require thought, talent and creativity.
This rag was only six dollars, and it was 50% off!
Three bucks!
Mom is the bargain hunter, not me.
Let her dress up in some off the rack cast off if she wants, but I will not be wearing this thing after this fitting.

The only reason I have agreed to allow her to post this atrocity is to support my poor friend Salinger.

No offense intended towards those of you who dress up in store bought costumes.
It's just me.

After this rant, Mom better get started on my costume for the Spooky Sunflower Party.
I am not dressing as a sunflower again. It's been done.
Besides, a couple of petals were sticking out of a bag on our ride home from the pug social, so I chewed them.


  1. Oh the horror! Store bought AND on sale!!! It does look pretty though! Nice of you to support The Poop Factory...I mean Salinger!

  2. What is on your head Wilma? A hat....its strange for sure girl.

    Woot woot,
    Tuni woons

  3. Bahhhaaaaa haaaa haaa ba haahaaa. Discount clothing, I wear only the best, 3 dollars...... oh my you are killing me, stop it. I can't stop laughing.

    Sorry Wilma but this is kinda funny. Anyway careful what you wish for...... mum is using her talent and creativity to design my costume........ I think you should be happy you have that outfit and are not dressed as a BULLDOZER! what was mum thinkings!


  4. You sure do look attractive and quite purrty in pink. All you need is a set of pearls.
    Benny & Lily

  5. Tuni,
    It's supposed to be a crown. Notice the crown part is all folded down. tuck that way from being folded up in a chincy plastic bag. Clearly rendering it unidetfiable as evedenced by the inability to recognise it. I think I have made my point. No?

    I am glad my fury amuses you. I will cut you some slack considering, who knows how your contraption is going to look.

  6. Two words for you Wilma, BANANA HAT! Just wait until next weekend to see what joyous costume my mom is making me wear. Hello poo in her shoe. Doesn't your mom know you are allergic to polyester?


  7. ok,,, i hear what your saying,,,, but I do not even have a rag to wear! Jeepers.....
    i do understand what your sayin though.
    was the petal on the sunflower tasty?

  8. you little sh-- you chewing on those daisies



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