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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Halloween Meetup

Be it known, this post is heavy on the pictures. Let's face it people, you pugophiles love it!

What a great party we had today at our meetup. It was covered in awesome sauce!

Even though Brigitte was a Princess (in training) and I was a queen. Not Mom's greatest work, but she did add some special touches that probably contributed to us winning best group.

Like remember this lame crown that wouldn't stand up straight? Look who got their hair did!


Hi! Wil's Mom here. Is anyone having as much trouble as I am posting pictures since blogger did their upgrade? I'm really not feelin' it!!!

*We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post*

Here you have Britte and her special crown and matching feather boa.

But, poor Sluggo,

"Wah, I don't even  like wearing a sweater.Wah, can we go home now Mommy?"

He did come a round later though, you'll see.

My man Murphy was there...

                                                                     as Julius Ceasar.

of course, Brutus er...Duke.

Lotta treats going around. Check out the little dominatrix Lily. She's a little pip.

Here I am collecting a treat from a little girl choosing pugs over drugs.
(doesn't she know pugs are a drug?)

There's our dominatrix Lily with her biker b*tch friend Sophie.

Sluggo did alot of  his usual...

loving up on the ladies.
Plus, once all the costume shenanigans were over and we went outside to hang out, he really started to party.

It's possible a little romance was stricken up between him and Kimi.
He's so confused.

 This couple came to the meetup because they are thinking about adopting a pug and they wanted to learn more about us.
Brigitte was pug ambassador, doing what she does best and totally sucking up.
I allowed it because it was for a good cause. They seemed like they would make some pug a very happy home.

I just continued doing what I do best...
looking beautiful.

Poor Sophie had to go to jail. Charges...

Harassment. She was giving KeKe and Kimi the business.

They mocked her from afar

 I slipped around back to bust her out, those charges were totally trumped up

 Overall, I would say it was a successful party.

But, nothing like the Sunflower Spooky spectacular will be!


  1. Wilma you look great with your hair all done up cute! What can we say about Sluggo...maybe some day he will figure it all out. Boys. So did Brigg convinece those peeps to get a puggy? Happy Pug-O-Ween!!!


  2. WOW...what a totally fun party! You both look beautiful, your highnesses!

    Sluggo, poor sweet hot mess! I'm sure it was torture for you to have to wear the sweater and mingle!

    OMG...Mom has that same "Pugs not drugs" shirt! She got it at Delia's at the mall! COOOOL!

    GREAT costumes guys! Wilma...your hairdo is especially fabulous...very Dusty Springfield looking!


  3. So cool!! I like the picture of the pup in jail... Heehee!


  4. What a grand time!!! Thanks for sharing all your Pug style fun!!!!

  5. Oh my word you guys...Hysterical. Notice the humans don't have to wear those silly things, hmmmmmmmm
    Benny & Lily

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all these adorable photos. I have never had an opportunity to go to a party like this,,,, so my moms and me,,, we love you sharing. All the costumes are too cute. Wilma I just know it must have taken you many long hours to get your hair all fixed up like that. You look so beautiful.
    And Bridgette,,,, you are a stunning ambassador.
    Sluggo,, we love you just the way you are.
    What a fun , fun party. Oh I wish I could have gone

  7. Queen Wilma! Might we say you and sis Brigette looked totally pawsome...Sluggo is definently like Toby Moses Man...totally loves kissing up to the mama ladies.
    We look forward to the Halloween we said, we would love for you to dress us up as whatever you choose. It should be super funnums!
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Sisters
    Gracie, Lily, and Mimi

  8. We love all the pics! It looks like a fun day.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  9. I'm really into your new hairdo Wilma. It really suits you. haha but everyone's costumes are too funny.

    Lily's especially!:)


    Minnie Moo

  10. How FUN! You all look great!

    Wilma, I LOVE your hair, girlfriend! And sweet Brigette, always the pug ambassador! And Sluggo, looking as sweet as ever. You 3 are just the best!!

  11. YES - I am having SO much trouble editing and moving photos. I now have to go in and move them by cutting and pasting the actual < img > HTML code. What a pain! Who thinks up these "upgrades" anyways??

    But good job with them all - I admire your ability to get them where you want/needed them - great photos!!

  12. love the pics! looks like awesome pug fun!

    and yes, the upgrade stinks. I actually downgraded, and now my fonts won't work... c'est la vie...



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