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Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Change for Animals~ my submission

Blog the Change

I learned about this Blog the Change from one of our honorary Sunflower "sisters" Pip.
It's a great idea, and I've decided to climb aboard and do my own post.
You can learn more about Blog for the Change for animals here. The basic premise is about raising awareness of animals in need by posting about people or organizations who are making a difference in animals lives. In doing this, you also commit to acting on behalf of animals.

Let's face it, we pugs and our people for the most part are aware of and active in some way in pug rescue.
I have decided to go outside my pug kingdom to highlight an organization of dedicated animal lovers who are doing amazing things for some of the most helpless animals in the world.
These people truly inspire me.
Through the love of animals and dedication to their cause, the people at Amazon Cares are really making a difference for the many many homeless, abandoned dogs and other animals in Peru.

They are a group of volunteer veterinarians, educators and animal lovers of all kinds. They provide care, spay and neutering, rescue and adoption services, and education to the people and animals in need.

You can see a trailer of the movie called Saving Fido here.
It highlights the incredible work they are doing.
Some of this stuff may not be easy to look at, but looking away doesn't make it go away.
Plus, there are many happy endings.
You can also read their blog and become a follower.
The more exposure organizations like Amazon Cares get, the more good they can do.

So, please take a moment to check these guys out.
I promise I'll get back to the light and fluffy Wilma's world next week. Must be hormonal...


  1. What a wonderful article! I am very impressed with your blog! Thank you for spreading the word about this worthy cause - Amazon CARES!

  2. Amazon Cares is an awesome group... I keep up with their blog. Thanks for highlighting them today!

  3. Hi Wilma!

    What a great post! Daisy and I are going to check
    this group out. There are so many organizations
    doing amazing things for animals. Glad you
    highlighted one of them.

    Have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy

  4. OMD, Wilma, thanks for posting this ...We had no idea about this movie or about the plight of these poor dogs in Peru. Mama is so sad for these poor creatures ... I have signed up to follow their blog.

    Your very sad pal, Pip

  5. What an awesome organization, Wilma. Thanks so much for doing your part to draw attention to this cause. That video was pretty eye opening. :(

    I also wanted to tell you, on a much lighter note, that momma took pictures of me today in my outfit for our halloween party. :)

  6. Hi Wilma
    Your post is awsome and it is so nice of you to
    highlight this organization that is doing so much to help animals.
    It is so nice to know there are those who go above and beyond to help the helpless animals.
    Your post was beautiful



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