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Friday, October 22, 2010

Flashback Friday ~ Storytime

Brigitte did something really funny today. After we all had some supervised time with our bully sticks from Bellatrix, Mom put them up on a tv tray in the back room. Fast forward to early evening. Mom is in the dining room. Dad is stoking the fire. Sluggo is with Dad and I am in the back room. Well, in walks Brigitte, she hops up on the ottoman, leans over and grabs herself a bully stick. She jumps down and calmly saunters into the kitchen, past Mom and lays in her bed to enjoy it. Ordinarily, the fact that she had a tasty treat and I did not, would result in nothing but trouble.Violent trouble. But instead I really was mesmerized. Her tenacity was truly inspiring. I couldn't take that moment away from her. I just stood awe...watching.

 This whole scene got me to thinking about what a funny chick Brigitte is. She always has been.

Wait for it...
Here it comes...
the flashback part.

One of the funniest things Brigitte ever did took place in our old house. It was when we were two. As in two pugs.  Me and her.
When Brigitte is very happy she will jump around, ground pound and start what we refer to as the woo woo woo's
Brigitte has always been very excitable. She loves people, and she claims certain individuals as her very favorites

Pete is one of those favorites. We love him like crazy.
It was his sister Lori who was visiting on this night.
Brigitte took to her immediately. She did her little dance, spun around and then fled from the room, running upstairs.
This was rather peculiar behavior.
What was more peculiar, was what she returned with and presented to Lori at her feet...
Fresh from the hamper...
A pair of Mom's panties.
That's it.
There really is nothing more for me to say.


  1. Ohhh my paws so she is a knicker nicker the ............bol !
    xx xx

  2. Oh Brigitte....panties? I love them too. hehe
    Maybe it is because everyone yells when you take them :)


    Minnie Moo

  3. Ha ha ha! That was a great story. Nothin better than panties from the dirty clothes hamper!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. Hi Wilma! That Brigitte is something else! Did you know that Salinger loves panties too? I'm not into them so much but I would love a bullystick!

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Way to go Brigitte!!! That is AWESOME!

    Dude...panties are the BEST!!!! The frillier and sleazier looking, the BETTER!!!!! Mom has a picture of me sitting in the FRONT DOOR nom nom nomming away on some of hers. Half the neighborhood probably knows what mom's drawers look like!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!!!


  6. I mean, seriously, you were giving that lady a huge honor by bestowing a prized posession of yours like panties on her! Friggin hilarious. Brigi is now the Panty Princess :)

    Kitty and Coco

  7. See it isn't the prize that you get, it's how you steal that prize. Good job Brig.

  8. BOL!
    Maybe that's why we have a permanent baby gate on the stairs.

  9. Wilma - you gave Mama such a chuckle this morning with your comment about Trixie, Josie, and I being like Three's Company!! You may just be on to something!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Oh Wilma... Josie and Trixie have been battling it out witch ones would be Krissy!!! Snorts!!

    They both snorts!!! So does Krissy...Ha!!


  11. Bridgette
    If you really want to get a bunch of attention, well just drag those panties out when your pawrents have companys!
    tee hee hee

  12. kitty and cocoa, i like your calling brittr\e the panti princess. Wilma your sister has to be a clown of some sort. Abslutely halarious,
    i get the biggest ki9ckm out of these pugs and their stories



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