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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Full Circle Weekend

I know I already owe you follow up pics from our Spring Fling, but I need to tell you about this past weekend first. I can really only tell through what Mom and Dad say, cuz I was stuck home while they were out with OTHER pugs, but I am kinda getting used to that. 

See, we had another boarder here since old TJ hit the skids. This time it was a girl, and her name is Emma. She stayed for about a month, and Mom and Dad brought her to meet her forever family this weekend. 

That's her in the first picture, and I will share a few more. 

I really liked Emma, and so did everyone who met her.
Especially Sluggo. He was very fond of that big girl.
She won the Grandparents over straight away. Here she is with Nana.
Even all the Pug Sluts loved her!

Anyway, Emma was not a huge fan of children. At least not the kind that like to run around crazy and fall on pugs, and I can't say I blame her. So, she came to stay with us while PRoNE found her the perfect forever family. It didn't take long!

Emma in the car on the way to meet her new family.
Pretty much love at first sight.

So, even though Mom and Dad were sad to leave Emma behind, they are happy that she gets a whole new family to love her forever. That's all any pug could hope for.

The best part was that on the way home, they got to stop for a visit with TJ at his new home!

He is doing so great!!! He is living like a king!

His new Mom and him love each other!
And that's what makes all the disruption to my kingdom worth it. 
Things around here are back to normal.....for now.


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