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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Latest and Greatest

Meet Millee. 

Believe it or not, she has already been here for a month. She's another one of those boarders, so they say. Millee is kind of a loner. I mean I like her fine, but we don't really hang out. Brigitte just tolerates all these strange dogs coming through. Sluggo has become reluctant friends with her though.

She is really into Mom. She didn't like Dad much at first. In fact she tended to freak out around all new men that she encountered. She is getting better now, and loves to hang out with Dad. She is going to make someone a super loving friend. She follows Mom everywhere, and is always interested in what the humans are up to. 

The really big news is that Mom got a new computer. Part of the deal with the computer, is that she has to help me write more blogs! So, you should be hearing more from me, more about Millee, and all the rest of the crazies around here.

So, bye for now, but it won't be another month before you hear from me again!!


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