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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Treats are good. Treats made with love are always better."

Hi friends. We received a package today.

It smelled real good. So good that Sluggo almost put his whole head in the envelope!

Guess what was inside?


Not just any treats, but treats from Pugs in the Kitchen.

Supposedly, they are for Sluggo's birthday, but I said since Valentines is so close, we should all get them. No one disagreed.

So tasty these treats are. The first ones we opened and tasted were the peanut butter pumpkin.
Here are a few pics of us enjoying them...

Sluggo also got some bling for his collar.

We also had a visit with my man Murphy over the weekend. Me and Brigitte made cards for our  Valentines, but Mom didn't take any pictures. Hmph!

We met at the dog park, and I got to meet Daisy. Murphy is pug sitting while her Mom goes to the vet. She's cute, but I have nothing to worry about. She's way too excitable for my man. He likes to be mellow, like me.
Here he is doing a high 5, he's so smart!

Here's Daisy

Check me out. That's me the little speck running across the park. I was big into exploring. I'm a pretty independent girl like that.

Here's Sluggo running with the big dogs. Or maybe running from them?

Duke was looking good.

We went into the little dog area and pretty much owned it.
Check out Britte yelling at the big white dogs getting out of their car. Did I ever tell you how Brigitte doesn't like big white dogs?

Sluggo got a prezzie from is first Mommy.

Well, I think I'll close here, after posting an absurd amount of pictures. 
Later peeps!


  1. Those treats look great. We are definitely going to try some out.

  2. I am positively in love with those shots of you guys looking up to get a treat! The whiskers get me every time. Nice bling too, Sluggo.

  3. Pugs in the Kitchen treats are AWESOME!
    And of course you owned the little dog section. And the big dog section. We are pugs.

  4. Yep, them PITK treats are lip-smackin' goooood.

    So Britte, honey.....whut ya got against big white dogs??

  5. oh those treats look good. We love your charms
    Benny & Lily

  6. LOVED the pictures!!! Never too many!!!! :D

  7. I love all the photos,, and I want to see MORE!!!
    Because they makes us smile!
    I know those cookies were so good, that now I am drooling!
    And I wish I had a dog park like you to go visit! It looks like too much fun with all those cure furry faces!

  8. Oh my pugness! I love all the photos, there is nothing better than seeing a load of dogs playing and running happy together! It makes my heart sing! It makes me so happy, you all look amazing! Love, Licks and Hugs Frank xxxxxx

  9. Those PitK treats look awesome! (Scarlet has some for Valentine's Day but we won't tell her yet, I have to go before she comes looking over my shoulder and reads this.)


  10. that is one lucky pug! treats AND bling! what more could a pug want for his birthday?

  11. Looks like you guys had a blast at the park! And that's so nice that they sent you yummy treats.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  12. what a super awesome tag

    Stop on by for a visit

  13. Happy birthday to you Sluggo. And many more i hope. ISNT IT YOUR DADS BITHDAY TO COMING UP?



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