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Monday, July 2, 2012

For Tuni

Today marks our first Tuesday without our friend Tuni. Most of you know by now that our dear, sweet, tiny flower Tuni, went to the Rainbow Bridge last Tuesday. It has been so hard to accept yet another friend passing to the bridge. She leaves behind a family who loved her more than any other, including her sisters Sequoia and Emma. She leaves her sweetie Winston Wilbur who is so sad without her. All of her Sunflower Sisters are diminished by her loss, and all of blogville will never be the same without her. Especially on Tuesdays. That is why I've created this badge dedicated to her. Please feel free to take a copy and place it in your own side bar in remembrance of our friend Petunia. She will never be far away.


  1. Perfect tribute to Tuni. I'm sure her family will be honored to put that badge on their blog too.

  2. Nice one! Happy Tuesday to you and yours!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We really want to copy this badge for our side bar, BUT we dont know how to do it without the code.

    Im really impressed you made it, we tried making one for Zira but no luck.

    Tuni was o sweet

    urban hounds

    1. Hi guys, mom made the badge on her iPad, here is a link, let us know if this helps you get it. If not, she can go on the PC and get the code. We still have to place it in our own sidebar. She used a couple of apps for this one. If you give an idea of what you would like for Dr Zira, I'm sure Mom would love to create something for you. Please let us know!

  4. Thank you Wilma for such a sweet tribute to Tuni. We miss her so much still.

  5. I'm so sad about Tuni! She was one of my favorite blog pugs, and probably the cutest out there! Such a sweet teeny baby.

  6. What a great idea. We really miss Tuni too - she was such a special girl! Thanks for making this great badge!

  7. Hi Wilma
    This is a beautiful tribute to Tuni, This badge is beautful and we know Tuni loves that you made it. She can see it because she is our angel now

  8. What a wonderful idea! I miss Tuni so much.


  9. Wilma,
    I just noticed this post. It is so quiets without Tuni. I miss her tuesday posts. Keep an eye on my blog... I am gonna do a tribute soon and I am hoping all my furiends pawticipates.




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