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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Are All Good

We are all very happy to report that we are safe and dry. Others are not as lucky. Sandy has cost some people their lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families, as well as all of the folks who have suffered devastating effects from Frankenstorm. Hoping to continue hearing from friends that they are safe and well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weathering the Storm

Hi Everybody! I am sending Duty Officer Britte to let you know that we are hunkered down for Sandy. We have made storm preparations, and are in the best shape we can be. We hope that all of our friends and loved ones in Sandy's path, remain safe and dry throughout the storm. If able, given the fact that we will probably go dark soon, we will let you know how we are doing. Be safe everyone!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Now, I Will Tell You of My Trip of a Lifetime

I can't even believe that you have had to wait almost a month to hear of my most wonderful adventure to the Midwest. I hope you feel it was worth the wait, because we had one hell of a time!
This post will be heavy on the pictures, as there were many. Some will be omitted, because....well let's just say some things that happened in Indy, must stay in Indy. This post may have to be brought to you in installments, because there just may be too much awesomeness for one post. Whatever happens, let's get started, shall we?

We started out early one morning on a very long journey. That night, we ended up somewhere in Ohio. From what I could see, there wasn't much happening in this place that would require the attendance of a celebrity such as myself. I was not impressed, and quite frankly a little irked.

Then I was informed that this was merely a layover. A place to rest until we could set out fresh in the morning for our final destination. So, we hunkered down for the night.

With a fresh perspective and full bellies, we set off the next morning. This time when we stopped, I was much happier with our accommodations. In fact, I even took off down the hall to ensure the whole place was up to my standards.

There was a gorgeous pug in the room next door, and she just kept looking at me with such adoration. Clearly, she had excellent taste.

Once we settled in, I found out that not only was there a cutie next door, but there was a whole slew if my blogging friends!!!! For real!! In the fur!
Gen, Foo and their Mom were right up the hall! Winston Wilbur's Mom was there! Mochi, Macho and Marshmallow and their humans too! Plus Lulu and her Mom! If that weren't enough, I heard other additional pugs were all in the process of gathering for what would be the pugsluttiest of all parties!

We were invited to a gathering over at The Pug Posse's house that evening, but we were rather road weary, and I wanted to make sure I was my best selfed up self the following day for all of the festivities. So, we hung out at the hotel with Gen, Foo, Lulu and their peeps.

Lulu is a bit shy. She enjoyed getting to know everyone from her Moms shoulder.

Foo is a real cool chick. She liked be up on the furniture. The following night, which will have to have it's own post, she kept stealing Dad's seat. So funny! I knew i would love Gen. She's a real ballbuster, much like myself. Here she is hanging on the sofa.

Now Foo. That old gal has got to be one of the quirkiest girls I know. She had a lot to say, but her little voice was barely there. Didn't stop her from schooling us in a few things though!

I knew we were in for some good times, and I couldn't wait for the following day, when I would get to meet even more of my pals! For now, I will conclude this installment of my trip of a lifetime. Here's a little taste. Gotta always leave 'em wanting more!

Stay tuned!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Pugs in the Village

Sunday morning we headed out from the hotel on a whole new adventure. This time there were six of us! A true clown car. Off to the Big City! New York City!

The weather was not cooperating when we rolled up onto the pug partay in Washington Square Park. I stole the term rolled up from Sid's blog Pug Slope.

 You absolutely must dlick on the link to his blog post on 1000 Pugs above. They got such an awesome shot of what it looked like when we exploded onto the scene!

Unfortunately Sid and The Urban Hounds were on the first shift Sunday, so we didn't get to visit. But in all fairness, I was none too psyched to be getting my delicate paws we,t while having to wear the most un-flattering raincoat, myself!

Just as gracious as the day before, Pug greeted us when we arrived.

Scarty was there again, which we were totally thrilled about. 

Before long, the humans got smart and brought us all over to the dog run, where we could really get the party started, off leash! Isabelle, Petunia and Tallulah loved the place!! Especially those sisters Petunia and Tallulah. They pretty much ran the park.

That was until their Mom took a little walk with out them...

Marshmallow was there too. This time he brought Mochi and Macho . Unfortunately, we don't have a good picture of the three of them together.

But we do have a picture of Marshy in a time out!

True story, he had to be quoned because he was giving the business to some poor unsuspecting pug.

That is poor Mochi in the cone of shame. Poor thing has the darn itchies!

I haven't even gotten to the best part of the day yet! Are you ready?

Payton's Mom and Dad were there!!!!
Can you believe it?! We were so happy to finally meet them. They were on the last leg of their Payton Memorial Tour. They are just the nicest humans ever! Puglet really took a shine to Payton's Daddy.

I am going to slip in a few pictures from a couple of weeks ago when we got a surprise package from them.

me with my special sunflower

Brigitte with her very own lambie

Sluggo, with a lambie of his own too.
I can't even begin to tell you how deeply touched we are by these wonderful gifts.
We will cherish them always.

we miss you Payton
Here is a picture of  all of us (we and The Southern Fried Pugs) with our Mommies and Payton's Mom.

We got to meet lots of other cute pugs, and once the rain slowed down, even some partial and non pugs!

Pumpkin giving love to Christy.

Brigitte greets a big dog. She loves big dogs!
Me and Moxie

Pixel. She never stopped running practically the whole time!

Me and B check out a beefy puggle

Nobody was quite sure what to think about this guy!

Poor Pug, about to get mounted by his cousin Sophie! Again.

Sluggo was shopping for new parents. These ones had a little girl who reminded us of Ellie.

He was really making a case for himself to go home with Marshy, Mochi and Macho.

In the end, he knew he could never leave his Mommy.

I know this post is heavy in the photos, but I have one more to show you...

Pug, on the top of the pug-pile vying for Nikon's attention. Or was it that bag of venison liver around her waist? Either way, we had a great weekend, and we can't wait to see the book with all 1000 pugs!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

First, I will Tell You About My Weekend


It all started Saturday morning when Mom flung a bunch of stuff, and us pugs into the car and started driving. I knew we must have been going somewhere far, because I could smell like 2 days worth of meals, and she brought that suitcasey thing.
We drove over bridges, and through drive up tellers who didn"t give us any treats. In fact instead of giving Mom money like they usually do, they took it from her.
But none of that mattered, because when we finally stopped the car, and took a walk over to this park, guess who was there?!!!!!!

Yeah, that IS who you think it is! PUGLET!!!!!
Who's that standing behind him? It's Scarlet!
They are not the only pug superstars who were there either!
Now don't get me wrong. I know that I too am a pug superstar, and these guys were pretty psyched to meet me too. But I must admit, I was a little star struck.
As I sniffed around, I quickly identified my Sunflower Sisters Isabelle, Petunia and Tallulah, of The Southern Fried Pugs!!!

Tallulah and Petunia
I really couldn't believe it. My little southern belles, in the fur!
Then I sniffed some more, and before I even turned around, I knew Marshmallow and his humans were there. Why did I know sight unseen you may ask? You will just have to wait until I tell you about my other trip!!! The best part was that their appointment was for the following day. They just came in to town to hang! How cool is that?
You may have deduced by now that  we were at our 1000 Pugs photo shoot.
Yep, we were there to supermodel for none other than Pug's human!

I don't want to spoil the the book, so I won't share any close ups of our photo shoot, however, I am not too proud to tell you that Miss Amanda loved me! I mean, I know she pretty much loves all pugs, and one of the 1000 in particular, but she actually was going to take me with her! I don't blame her. After all, I was totally working the camera. Being my best selfed up self.
I mean check me out, practicing my sideways glance while we were waiting. Even Sluggo got into the spirit of things and put on his most handsome grin.
Check us out when Pug's human came back after a shoot. "Hey, that's the lady with the mad treats, let's get her!!!"
So, you'd think that this whole photo shoot would have been enough excitement for one weekend, but no.
maybe for one senior citizen.
That is Brigitte. She slept through lunch at The Beasty Burger
Not me and Marshy though...
It didn't help though, those greedy humans ate every last morsel. Sheesh!!! They aren't kidding when they say supermodels have to starve half to death!
Marshy and his humans, one of whom is holding moi. Mom and The Southern Fried's Mom. Petunia and Tallulah were pretty tired of the paparazzi by now, they hid behind their Mom!
After lunch, we headed out again. We stayed in a hotel that night, and our room was right across from Isabelle, Petunia and Tallulah's. We got to hang out and talk about what a great day we all had.
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly apologise for pooping in our host's room. There were pee pads down, and I just couldn't resist. Mom said it was very rude of me, and that I should say I'm sorry.
Sorry girlfriends!

Tomorrow, I will tell you about our trip into the big city. There is just way too much cuteness on this post to squeeze in any more.
Well, maybe just a wee bit more.
Check out Pug schooling us on his fake drinking move.
He just stays there hovering over the bowl and blows on it, like he's drinking! I tell ya, that Puglet is every bit as awesome in person as he is on The Daily Puglet! This is a trip I will not soon forget!


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