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Friday, January 11, 2013

Another New Guy ~ Meet TJ

There is a new, new guy in town. They call him TJ.
He came here last weekend, and I think he is pretty cool.

When he first got here, he was pretty nervous, and he has some problems. But he has really done pretty well over the week, and is starting to fit in around here.

I liked him straight out of the gate. I mean what's not to love about have some fresh man meat around to pay you some attention? Sluggo, not so much...

I think TJ made him nervous at first, because he can't see so good, and Sluggo doesn't really like getting sniffed up on. That, plus this new guy reeeeeeeeeealy likes Mom. Sluggo is not a fan of sharing the Mom. But, after a few days, Sluggo really is coming around, and starting to be a really good foster brother. I think it has something to do with the talk I had with him. See, unlike me and Sluggo, who have never had to struggle through anything, TJ has had a few tough breaks. He needs a little extra TLC right now, so Sluggo agreed to be cool.

Brigitte says he can stay, as long as he stays out of her way. She said she's too old for these pugs to be coming and going, so as long as they don't invade her personal space, she's good.

TJ has some stuff to take care of, but when he's done, he will be available for adoption through Pug Rescue of New England.

In the meantime, he is doing a really good job politicking to stay on staff here.


  1. Wilma, TJ is pretty darn cute!! We bet he gets adopted pretty darn quickly - that is if your mom & dad can let him go ;)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  2. We didn't know you were a foster sister, we thinks that is just great that yu do that..hugs from us!! He is a real cutie!
    stella rose

  3. how sweet, i'm glad you guys got another foster brother! and that picture of brigitte with her ears pointing up is KILLING ME! what a cute little nugget!

  4. Britte ears just stole the show. TJ may be cute, but those ears ROCK.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. TJ is adorable. He looks like he is very welcomed in your home
    Benny & Lily

  6. Awwww TJ is just sooooooo adorable!
    You are lucky to have such a good Momma who has so much love to give you all and your foster siblings! My Mum would love to foster dogs when she finishes work, she only works part time right now but would want to spend ALL her time devoted to me and Fosters!
    We are very proud of your Mom!
    I'm glad that you have all been getting along in your own little ways, even if its just to take a back seat for a while, you all look like you are having a great time hosting TJ!
    Love, Licks and Hugs from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

  7. How wonderful you guys are!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  8. Oh, he is a wonderful little dog... I am so glad you are helping him, Wilma!

  9. TJ is adorable and lucky you are helping him

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. I just know TJ is so happy to spend some time with all of you! He is so cute, and I know you will all be showing him cute little tricks.
    What a happy time for all of you.

  11. TJ is so cute. I totally understand Brit and having a young one around. Yup we gots that new whippersnapper Sam and I tell yah he has no idea of personal space!


  12. Wilma, that TJ is a cute piece of man meat. Thanks for helping him.

  13. He is adorable and I am so glad you talked Sluggo into being nice to him. Now if you could just talk me into being nice to Tucker my Mom would be so happy. LOL

  14. TJ is a so super cute! How lucky that you get to be a foster family. Someday when mom gets to be at home with us, she'd like to be a foster mom. We gave you an award, check it out at

    Pug Love, Black Pearl & Otis

  15. oh wilma and family

    you are the most amazing family in the whole world!

    TJ is soooo lucky to have all of you!

    thank you for everything you do!

    i know you are on another adventure today and we are so excited!

    love you!


  16. such riches to have a pug family of 4! I can't even begin to imagine what mealtime must be like :)

    by the way, we've moved to a new blog just couldn't bring myself to post anymore on the old one.

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