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Friday, January 11, 2013

Another New Guy ~ Meet TJ

There is a new, new guy in town. They call him TJ.
He came here last weekend, and I think he is pretty cool.

When he first got here, he was pretty nervous, and he has some problems. But he has really done pretty well over the week, and is starting to fit in around here.

I liked him straight out of the gate. I mean what's not to love about have some fresh man meat around to pay you some attention? Sluggo, not so much...

I think TJ made him nervous at first, because he can't see so good, and Sluggo doesn't really like getting sniffed up on. That, plus this new guy reeeeeeeeeealy likes Mom. Sluggo is not a fan of sharing the Mom. But, after a few days, Sluggo really is coming around, and starting to be a really good foster brother. I think it has something to do with the talk I had with him. See, unlike me and Sluggo, who have never had to struggle through anything, TJ has had a few tough breaks. He needs a little extra TLC right now, so Sluggo agreed to be cool.

Brigitte says he can stay, as long as he stays out of her way. She said she's too old for these pugs to be coming and going, so as long as they don't invade her personal space, she's good.

TJ has some stuff to take care of, but when he's done, he will be available for adoption through Pug Rescue of New England.

In the meantime, he is doing a really good job politicking to stay on staff here.


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