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Sunday, December 31, 2000

Wowza! Check out the size of this prize!

6 pounds of treats arrived from the man in brown yesterday. 6 pounds!

A while back it was announced that I was the winner of the May giveaway over at Pets Blogroll. The prize comes from ALC Innovators, and is a giant jar of their diet supplement for dogs. Now, from how I heard Mom raving last night, there is a butt OAS of stuff that is really good for me in these treats. I don't know about that, but I can tell you they are tasty! Brigittes checked out the smell of 'em first.

So, we are going to check them out and report back on how we feel after a while. You should know that there is no obligation on our part to do anything other than enjoy them. We won, that is all. But we figure you all would like to know whatever you can about treats, so we are more than happy to share our opinion. Plus they were so generous to give us such a massive jar of treats, why not.

You can check out all the ways in which these supplements are designed to help us here. For all you itchy pugs out there, we will be paying extra special attention to how our skin feels.

That's Sluggo, mesmerized by the thing.

Put Brigitte in a trance too.

Turned this guy into a pillow! Not really. By the way, these treats are made in the USA. Right in the town where Mom was born. We thought that was really cool. Later peeps!

Location:Holy Crap! Check Out the Size of This Prize!


  1. wow that's one big tub of treats! sure to only last a week hehe jk :)

  2. Wow, it's the biggest prize ever. Enjoy!
    Benny & Lily



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