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Sunday, May 20, 2012

eCollegeFinder Top Pet Blog award Nomination

Hi friends! Today I am letting Mom fill in for me as I relax out back in the sunny sun. Way too nice to be indoors, but I certainly wouldn't want to pass up such a prestigious award nomination. Not to mention, it will probably endear me to the judges if I act humble and let Mom do the bragging for a change!

Hi everyone! We received word from the folks over at eCollegeFinder of Wilma the Pug being nominated to be listed among other pet blogs in their student resource section. Wilma is a big advocate of continuing education, and if her blog may be inspiring to other writers, she is all for it!

In the email, it was suggested that we could write a post geared towards the student population, answering a specific question. This is actually where I came in handy by sitting in for Wil today. The question was asking what I think is the greatest benefit to owning a pet. The hard part about this question, was that the response should be two to four sentences. As many of you may already know, I could go on for eons about how having Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo has benefitted and enhanced our lives on so many levels. Alas, I will try and be brief.

If asked to apply one word to the experience of having these three creatures around, it would be joy. They have been such a source of levity, and love on a daily basis. Feelings we would never have experienced if not for them. Their quirky ways, their unique personalities, allow us to share a deep connection like no other relationship in life. I won't be the first to say that having someone waiting for you at home who is uncontrollably excited and happy to see you every time you walk through door, irreplaceable!

Wish us luck!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. We'll be checking back in soon. Wilma wanted to let you know that plans are in the making for a Sunflower Club and Fire Hydrant Club mixer. This should be interesting!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Remembering the Day I Married my Parents

Hi everyone! I was just reminiscing about the day, ten years ago, when Mom and Dad threw a big party to officially welcome me into the family. Mom got a pretty dress, and Dad even wore a tie.

I asked Mom to get out the special book where pictures from that day are kept. I thought maybe you all would like to look at it with me.

There's the official welcoming crew. Uncle Joe, Grampy, Dad, Mom, Sheila and me down in front.

Look how happy they are to have me!!!

Here I come!........

Everyone got very emotional during the official welcoming ceremony. Some guy said a bunch of stuff, and Mom and Dad kissed. Not sure what that was all about?!!! I was too busy demanding the pocket full of treats my Uncle Joey had.

After that, it was nothing but celebrating, eating and dancing!

There is my Grampy toasting to me. My nana is on the right at the bottom. Isn't she pretty? She loves me best!!! She understands that I am the number one pug!

Here is Dad dancing with Grammy. She was very happy that day ( probably cuz Dad actually agreed to dance). Mom and Sheila looked on. She really misses Sheila.

Dad only danced with Grammy and Mom.

Mom danced with everyone.

Here's nana and her sisters. They were really dancing up a storm.

It was a great day. I think we should do it again. Brigitte and Sluggo never got an official welcome.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Answer

During the intervention, Brigitte stepped out to "do her business". I followed her outside.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Intervention

Hi everybody! The day has finally come for Brigitte's intervention.

We've met with Jeff Vanvonderen, the mountain made of brick, mustache, and meat, and we are  ready to give Brigitte our bottom lines.
Brigitte thinks she is going to her final interview.

looks like she's up to her old tricks

Mr. Vanvonderan didn't waste any time.

Payton's Gampy went first...

then Pearl and Daisy appealed to Brigitte...

Sabrina said her peace...

Tweedles shared they way that Brigitte's behavior has been effecting her in a negative way.

Hank chimed in...

Even our Mexican kissing cousins shared their Momma's bottom line. No kissing!!!

Pearl pleaded with Brigitte to please go to rehab...

As everyone was waiting for Brigitte's decision, she said she had to  go outside to do her business!

To be continued.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day

I was reminiscing about some of the great times we Sunflower Sisters have had together. I found myself missing my girls, and decided to take this opportunity to give them all a shout out.

This is a picture from our New Bloom Ice Cream Social from last May. What fun we had dancing around the May Pole. I'd love to have a Sunflower get together in the near future. Let's start tossing around some ideas ladies!

Update on the intervention...
The camera crew is still following Brigitte behind bushes, and woodpiles. We are waiting for Jeff Von Vandoren to come into town for the pre intervention. Soon......


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