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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sunflower Club Ice Cream Social ~ :::Spy filters activate:::

OK girls, the doors have officially opened for the Sunflower Sister New Bloom ice cream social. Mom had a minor stroke because for the past 45 minutes flash player was on the fritz, and she needs it to bring live coverage. I told her not partying was not an option, and she called Dad who fixed it pronto.
So anyway, here's what we've decided to do. Since this is an all weekend affair, and we will be updating live. Every time new pictures are posted, we will change what the title says after that squiggly thing. Is there a name for that thing?

Here we have the guests of honor, bellying up to the ice cream buffet.
As you can see, the hot air balloon is ready and waiting for riders, so get your butts over here and join the fun!

Sasha and Deedee share a cone while, Tiffy, Cleo, Pearl and Lilo don their bonnets!

Tweedles gets some help with an extra large cone. Go Tweedles!

OK girls I've sent Brigitte and Spongy out on the balloon to make some sundae deliveries. 

Our girl Roxy has sprained her shoulder and is home convalescing. Salinger also is a little under the weather, due to some serious meds he got at the vet this morning. (quite frankly, he's stoned).
I am hoping the ice cream helps them feel better so they can join us later this weekend.
(Yes, that is Sal on the left above, with the sunflower truckers hat. That was before his trip to the vet)
So. stop on over and send some get well wishes, but hurry back.

Good Morning everybody, and Happy May Day! We have some early risers enjoying the Maypole and some new arrivals. Hi Pearl and Daisy, Welcome Lily Jayne and crew. Sequoia, over here!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have you all together and enjoying yourselves. Top this one Hydrant Hounds!

OK, now this afternoon when I was going out for supplies, I was actually taking a few girls on a secret mission. I had to keep it way under the radar, because as it turns out, that that pesky little bee that's been buzzing around all weekend is actually Sluggo on covert missions for the stinky Fire Hydrant Fools.

So I had Tika and Kizzy swat him around a bit while we escaped to here......

Yep, behind those masks are the OG's (original girls) Izzy, Josie and Trixie, along with Pip, Tuni and myself. We shot over to the Fire Hydrant Fortress (we know where it is before they even announce the new location muahahahahaha) and planted some giant sunflower seeds. We added a little fertilizer, water and scrammed out of there before their lame security even knew the difference. So come summer girls, we will have full access to the Fire Hydrant shenanigans. Haha who's your Mommy boys?!!!!!
OK. bact to the festivities as we wrap up this most fabulous weekend!
:::spy filters de-activate::: buzz click...


  1. Wow! This is so cool - what a great pawty already! And what a good lookn' bunch of girls we are! I'm all for going in the hot air balloon just as long as we can bring our ice cream with us...just sayin'. Hey, Tweedles, that's one big some for the rest of us! ;-) Lick, lick, lick, crunch - the cone is my favorite part! A huge thanks to Wilma and her mom for hosting!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love my bonnet! I an having a blast with you girls!!!

  3. Shasta Beaglebratz here - Mom just gotz our Internet bak a bit ago so this iz the furst time I herd 'bout your Sunflower Club Ice Cream Social - I ain't a Pug butt can I join in the fun? You'all look so MAH-VA-LUS! I livez in Kansas an'our state flower iz the Sunflower - can I join the Sunflower Club?

  4. Hi everyone... I want to ride in that hot air balloon!! Who wants to go up with me? Lets go up and fly over the rainbow!!!
    Wilma. and Brigette your strawberry icecream looks sooo nummm nummm nummmm Is that what Sasha and Dee Dee are eating?
    I love our bonnetts,,,, We all look so pretty and fancy free!
    Kitty and Coco,, did you find out what the buzzzing was? Was it a bumble bee?
    Yikes,, who is swinging the seat on the ferris wheel?
    This is so fun!

  5. wee are we having so much fun! We had no idea girl dogs could be just as much fun as felines! OMC aren't the bonnets amazing those girls went all out. Oh Oh Oh and the ferris wheel....... great idea Wilma. That bee is kinda annoying though, leave it to us felines we will swat it and play with it...... that oughta get rid of it!

    tika and kizzy

  6. Good morning everyone! We are so glad you could make it! Now, Mom is getting ready to leave for work, so basically we can have a free for all without any photographic evidence. She is leaving Dad in charge, but he will be in the garden all day with Sluggo.
    I say we should have a secret sunflower meeting while she is gone. You never know when that little Sluggy bee of hers is going to schmooze our secrets out of her.

    Hi Shasta, yes of course you can join us. You don't have to be a pug to be in the club. You don't even have to be a canine. Heck, in some circumstances, you don't even have to be a girl! (Pip & Sal)

    Hi Tweedles,
    I will ride in the balloon with you! I am so glad you like your bonnet! I like your ice cream cone nom nom nom.

    Tika and Kizzy,
    Thanks so much for taking care of that annoying bee. I knew I would be glad you joined!

    Woot, woot, Sunflower Power!

  7. Girls, thanks for treating us new members like we've been here forever, such a great welcome into the club.
    Coco and I are now bonnet buddies!
    Minnie Moo, can I play dress-up with you and your closet full of goodies?

  8. Oooooooh! I am a little afraid of heights but I think I can handle a ferris wheel. This is so much fun and you know I LOVES LOVES LOVES me some icee creamies!!!
    Love Noodles

  9. Noodles and Tiffy, come ride the wheel with me too!

  10. Frum Shasta - Oh goodie! Sumthin'JUST fer me - Shiloh can't come(I say so!) I wanna du EFURRYTHING here. I wanna ride in the hotair balloon. I wanna eat LOTZ an'LOTZA Ice Cream. I wanna ride the Ferris Wheel - WEEEEEEEEEEE!

  11. Hey girls! I'm heading over to the ice cream bar. I need a sundae! Anyone wanna join me?!

  12. Hi Pearl, I am coming over to join you at the icecream bar. Look at the fresh strawberrys and nannas! And whippy cream to go on top.

    Pearly where did you get that cherry?
    Shasta,, come with us too!

  13. Hola Chicas!!!
    What a great time we are Having !!! Love the ICe Cream!!!
    Spongy & Licky

  14. Weeee! I can't believe I'm riding in a hot air balloon. What a view from up here!

    And that ferris wheel ride was amazing! I hope I didn't spill too much ice cream on everyone because things got a little crazy at the top. My bonnet almost flew off my head when I tried to stand up. Whoops!

    I'm getting a brain freeze from all the ice cream. I think I'm going to head over to the bar and chill out with Pearl and the girls.

    Thanks for throwing a great bash, Wilma!


  15. Brig, I'm real sorry about those prunes! I am so sad that Roxy and S Dog are not well. I bet the ice cream will be just what they need!!

    And girls, I am getting very suspicious of this bee that is flying around! He looks so familiar!?

  16. WHOOOOOOOOOOO! S-Dog here and feelin' FOIIIINE!

    Thanks for the ice cream Licky and Brigitte! I'm on my way back with them and a WHOLE BOTTLE FULL OF PAIN PILLS!!!!! Now, I know doing recreational drugs is frowned upon, but it's ok because my superawesome Vet gave these to me and told me that I HAVE to take them! They are magical and make me see pretty colors and shapes and whole FLOCKS of those bumblebees flying around! We could totally crush them up and use them as ice cream sprinkles...turn up the music! It will be like the Studio 54 of ice cream socials!!!!!!!!!!

    Love and Sunflower kisses to all my fabulous girls,

    S-Dog (the drugged up queen)

  17. 'da Josie having a nice time!!
    My Josie icee cream is perfect and my bro is going to be super jello's when 'dat little spy bee gets back to 'dere camp to alert hims~

    Maybe 'da Josie will have some more peese?

  18. All right. These are some good time! Thanks for making things so much fun everybody. Say, has anyone seen Sluggo? He wasn't allowed to come to the party, but he's not in his usual location half way up mom' butt, I mean following Mom around.

  19. Wilma, thank you SOOOOO much for the ice cream. It certainly was a much needed treat. You are such an awesome Sunflower Sister.


  20. oh how fun!
    archie is having so much fun reading all about your pawty!
    thank you so much for sharing all of the fun!

  21. It's been a long day of partying, so I think I'll head over to the ice cream bar too...gotta refuel for more fun tomorrow!
    PS. Glad to hear you are doing better Salinger and sending good thoughts to Roxy.

  22. great fun whoo wheeeee luving the ice cream. The hot air balloons, what a blast! Tika always thought she was afraid of heights but look at her partying away in that ballon.

    Sorry we couldn't deter that bee from bothering us we just got caught up in the fun we forgot about it. It is annoying though. We will see what we can do.

    OMC we ain't gonna sleep tonight....... opps gotta run...... look who just arrived, Tiffy! Hey Tiffy how are you doing...........


  23. Sluggo.....

    **spy filter activate** 10-4 buddy, what is up? WHAT.... a moustache, no way!! WAIT A MINUTES HERES! someting is up with those two Sponge Bob and Licko... I just knew it! I just got word from Anakin, he told me to watch my sisters very closelly when they get home from this chaos, check em at the door for spy stuffs. I am starting to wonder if they are in on someting with these two Sponge Bob and Licko characters. Keep your eyes on em, I will have my walkie on all night... keep me posted. Roger over and outs ** spy filter deactivate


  24. Hi Sunflower Girls!!!! I am having trouble sleeping (I think is has to do with all that sugar I am eating!!!) I am ready SLEEPY TIME iceee Creamies. . . maybe something in a 'nilla?????
    Love Noodles

  25. Roxy,,
    all the ice cream will make you feel so much better.. And you too Salinger.....a little ice cream will help.
    this is soooo much fun,,,
    welcome all the NEWBIES!
    Thank you again Wilma

  26. The late night ice cream snack and a bit of beauty sleep has recharged eat more ice cream! Lick, lick, crunch, nom, nom, nom!
    The May pole looks so festive. Hey, what if we used it to help catch that bee? Let's tie it up with some of our ribbons and hold it for questioning.

  27. Spy filter activated::: psst sluggo... do yous copy?? It's me's? Do yous have any info's on 'dem sunshine sisters- are 'dey eating all 'da icee creams? Planning to infiltrate our camps?? over- :::: <<<spy filter deactivated

  28. Wow - what a fantastic day! We would have been there but our human insisted on us going dog training of all things - boring! Not too sure about the balloon thingy, we usually just bark at those but the icecreams look pawsome! Dex & Louis x

  29. WAKE UP GIRLS!... hee hee hee we haven't been to bed yet!

    Come on Kizzy let's join the party at the May Pole.

    There is that darn bee again...... Hey I heard a crackle and buzz and I could have sworn I heard Winston's voice.... nah it must be cuz we are lacking sleep.

    Weeee look who it is Kizzy.... hey Pearl how you liking the party........, OMC look who is over there with Josie, it is Tuni..... wait til we tell Winston we spent the whole weekend with Tuni!


  30. Hey girls! We are stopping by for some fun! Look at the festivities OMD! Tuni hurry up slow poke old lady lets go!


  31. Oh My! This is so much fun! Seeing everyone & dancing around the May pole is the best! Party on!


  32. What up peoples, Mom will be working on some new photos for later on. In the mean time, I need all to be very careful around that annoying bee. I am pretty sure it's Sluggy Bee, spying on us for the Fire Hydrant Boys. I like the idea of tying him up with may pole ribbons and interrogating him. Maybe we could intimidate him into being a double agent and spilling some secrets himself. Going out for supplies, back in a bit. Party on!

  33. Buzz bzzz...spy filters activate:::?~~<>***#woah, Anakin,Winston. I am a little dizzy, but I'm OK. Winston, those kittens you live with are relentless. They just spent the afternoon using me like a ping pong ball. But I did not crack.
    I do have some intel. First of all, the girls know we are suspicious about Sponge Bob and Licko. I wouldn't be surprised if they are working on some lame explanation as we speak.
    But, bigger than that, Wilma and a few of the girls took off this afternoon. I am not sure exactly where they went, but I think they were definitely up to no good. I'll keep you posted.

  34. Spy filter activated:: psst- sluggo- me sissy's are knuckle heads- especially 'da one in 'da reds- me tinks me has informations as to 'da whereabouts of yous sissy and 'da other sunshine sisters- 'dey be all trying 'da inflitrations at our base camp stations-
    and 'dey are wearing masks:::spy filter deactivated

    spy filter up again :::we must guard our icee creams:: shield down

  35. Way to go Izzy, Josie, Trixie, Pip, Tuni, and Wilma - soooo clever! I can't wait to see the look on those boys faces come summer time. Hee Hee!
    I don't want this party to end, but mom is calling me to come home - time for bed. So I best be going now, but I'll take another ice cream cone for the road! Can't wait until our next party.
    Thanks again to Wilma - you really know how to throw a pawty!

  36. I am going up for another hot air balloon ride.
    I just got me a Sundae,,,,, with butterskotch topping,. Does anyone want to go again?

  37. well girls it is almost 9pm and we gotta head backs across the border. Time to wrap up and say good bye.

    Wilma, just fabulous we had a blast. We will post about our weekend when we get home. Oh and no problem taking care of that bee..... um don't be surprised if Sluggo suddenly takes a disliking to ping pong MOL.

    Can't wait to see the boys reaction when they see the sunflowers sprout outside their new clubhouse. Good thing we had the load down on the new location.

    Thanks for the fun girls it was great times. Now could someone hot air balloon us to the Canadian border? Nothing says arriving home in style more, than a hot air balloon ride!

    Hugs and cheek kisses
    Tika and Kizzy

  38. yey for ice cream! it's totally worth the brain freeze. thx for the great party!

  39. Girls, this has been the best weekend!

    I am so proud of you OG's for planting those sunflower seeds! Those stinky boys will never see it coming!!!!! Kizzy, Tika... way to go with handling that Sluggo Bee. I'd say our party was a SUCCESS!!!


  40. Hello's sunflower sista's- it's 'da Josie~

    'da Josie wanted to say I had very nice time!! My Josie tummy very full from all 'da icee creams-
    My bro tried to get info's from 'da Josie- 'da nerves-
    TriXie and IzZY are sleeping and I am hiding 'da rest of 'da seeds for next time and our masks- hee hee

    tanks again Wilma and sista's!


  41. Dear Wilma, Briggy, and Sluggo
    I had the bestest time ever at the ice cream social.
    I know your mom and dad worked so hard with you to help make it so fun for all of us.
    My moms had so many laughs at all that was happening..
    That bee just cracked my moms up.
    I ate so much ice cream and had fun in the hot air balloon.
    Most of all, I had fun sharing all this fun with all my friends.
    Thank you so much
    nitey nite

  42. UM..PLEASE excuse our silence ladies. We did have a blast! I had never been in a hot air balloon befores. Hats really work for me so any excuse to wear one is good. Welcome to all of our new sisters! Wilma, I gots some pics coming tonight over on my blog..
    Yeah, Coco is enjoying round 2 of the ice cream social. She says ice cream poops are the bestest ever!
    Cue me barfing....Blech!!
    Way to go on scouting out our two new kitteh sisters. Genius. Coco also has some skill catching bee's and spiders with her paws of fury.

    Kitty (and Coco)



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