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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Sunflower Birthday ~ It's an OG

Today, we celebrate yet another Sunflower Sister Birthday. This isn't just any Sister. She's an OG. Not original gangsta, an Original Girl. In fact, she helped inspire and brainstorm the Club. A place where we could all get together and talk about boys, and spy on them from atop a tall, tall flower. We have managed to have a lot of fun since the clubs inception, and I hope my girl has as much fun and more on her Birthday. Well, who is it, you ask? Can you guess? Well, it's only the silliest and sweetest of all the girls.

It's da Josie!!!

J ~ she is Joyful

O ~ her sense of humor is Over the top

S ~ stands for Sunflower, what else?

I ~ can't forget her sister Izzy

E ~ Everybody loves her

So head on over and wish Her a Happy Birthday. She'll love it!


  1. Hola Chicos!!
    Wow Thank we are going over there to give her a Kiss!!!
    Spongy & Licky

  2. Wilma -
    'da Josie literally just opened your gifty - yes, 'dis late- (don't ask)
    and it truly brought Me and 'da Momma and Izzy and Trixie to tears-
    'dat was super sweet (but I won't tell anyone)
    Wilma - it's beauteefuls!!!!
    I will send yous a pho-toes of all of us's by it -
    tanks for 'dis posty too and for making my Josie day extra special-
    love you lots-
    Josie sista

  3. Such a sweet post! And we love your new picture Wilma.

    The Smushies

  4. Oh yeah for Josie's birthday!


    Minnie Moo



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