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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meet Jerry

This is Jerry, the neighborhood Tom cat. He has been skulking around the property finding sweet sun spots to chill out in. He's kinda cute for a cat, so I let him stay.


  1. Hi there Jerry. Don't try to hide cause we see ya
    Benny & Lily

  2. OMP mum is all excited and squeeling...... yous got a little rock wall like ours!

    OMP Tika is all excited and squeeling..... Jerry is totally cute and hot looking.

    OMP Kizzy is all excited and squeeling.... what a pawsome dirt garden to do her business in and sunspot lounge.

    I am likes.

    WHATEVER... it is a rock wall, it is a garden, it is a stupid cat. I can't eat it, I can't play with it, I won't sleep there. WHO CARES!

    (3 out of the 4 of us likes this picture.)

    PFT Hey Sluggo where are you? I thinks you need to show Wilma that pictures of us handsome boys is much more appealing!

    Winston Wilbur

    PEE-S look out sisters..... the boys club is back in action.

  3. He looks mighty fluffy and cute!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. here kitty kitty- hu hu's

    Hey Wilma! Me sissy Josie is home and says hello-
    hers is all sleepin' and if yous ask me was alittle cranky today-
    Hers made me fold all her clothes out of her suit case from her trips-
    'den she ate all me foods-
    she is now sleepin in me spots-

    Tell Sluggo me said what uP!

    Anakin Man

  5. wow, wilma, you are one generous pug! I would never be able to even take a pic of the cats that frequent our yard because the pugs consider them all to be mortal enemies, and chase them away.

  6. Yep, Wilma honey.....those cats are good are skulkin', huh?

    I used tuh live with a cat. I tried tuh be friends with the snotty old bat but she wuzn't havin' it. She finally croaked when she wuz about a hunnerd years old.



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