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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sluggo's Earth Day Challenge ~ Love Your Mother ~ Updated to Honor Stubby

Hi people's, Sluggo here. I've asked Mom to update my Earth Day Post. She did not include all of the details I had asked her too originally.
She appologised, something about working two back to back 10 hour shifts. Whatever.
The most important thing I want you to know, is that my challenge is dedicated to the memory of our friend Stubby.

You see Stubby was the hugest pugvocate for Mother Earth.
He dedicated his life to loving the Earth, and teaching us all how we could tread a little lighter.
This is the first Earth Day since he crossed the rainbow bridge, and all of blogville is diminished by his absence.

So this challenge is really for you Stubby, we miss you!

Hi everybody! Sluggo here. Happy Earth Day! Wilma let me borrow her blog today so I could tell you about my challenge. It really isn't all that challenging actually. Mostly, I am asking everyone to share with me anything you are going to do, in addition to what you already do, to help save our planet. In return, I am preparing a special package for one lucky entrant. I will choose a winner in one week on Arbor Day.

To make it easy, I have done some research to help inspire you.

Planet. has put together some links to articles about things like dog friendly Earth Day events and natural flea and tick prevention.

E-cycling central gives links in every state for places to recycle old electronics.

Of course Petfinder is a great place to find recycled pets!

Here's a great idea from Erie County New York SPCA. Discs for Dogs will sell your donated cd's for a dollar in their store, and donate 100% of the money to help dogs.

So you see, there is no limit to the creative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Well, maybe there are some limits...

And by that I mean, no Brigitte, recycling poop doesn't count. At least not your way. Check Here for instructions to make your own poop composter!

So be creative, or ask Google. Just do something, and let me know what it is. In the end... Everybody wins!

Sluggy Bee


  1. Happy Earth Day!

    Mack and I do a little bit of recycling all on our own. We only poop in the Pachysandra in the backyard. It's natural fertiziler and saves hu-mom a lot of work, too. We were never trained to do this, we just do!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Happy Earth Day! We picked up trash on our walk today to help make Mother Earth prettier :)

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. Well, we were just talking about Earth Day with my little human sister (she is 5). My mom asked her what we could do to help the earth today and she said "we could recycle Pip". WHAT!!!!!! Seriously, she did say this!!!

    We are planning on going very low tech today - also, we are going to start unplugging electronics when not in use. We learned this week that it save lots of energy.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. hi sluggo!
    happy happy earth day to you and your whole family!

    we are recycling bottle caps today and making them into cupcake pincushions!

    and my momma said we can make binoculars out of toliet paper rolls for my nephews today!
    how fun!

    archie poo pants

  5. Happy Earth Day! We already recycle but have recently bought a Brita pitcher and some Brita water bottles and have stopped buying water in plastic bottles!

  6. Hi Wilma
    I am so happy you dedicated this post to Stubby,, so happy.
    I could not do a true Earth Day Post, because,,,
    I miss Stubby so much. Every time I think of Earth Day,, I remember Stubbys post last year.
    I really felt like I had nothing that I could say... because it would all be when tears were falling from my eyes, and Stubby said so much.
    My heart has been empty.
    But then I thought about Stubby,, and our Earth,,
    This is what I did,, even though it is small..
    I followed the creek along its bends and twisting, and I pulled garbage out of the creek and put it in a special bag to go in my garbage.
    Then I made sure the creek had a clear pathway to trickle over the rocks and go on its journey to provide water to the fishies,, and all those who needed drinks...
    I think I helped the earth a little

  7. Hi Sluggo,

    Great Idea!
    Ok if you checks out my blog opps I mean OUR blog (sorry kizzy and tika) you can reads all about our earth day.


  8. What a great post, Sluggo! Stubby would be so proud that you dedicated your Earth Day challenge to him. He loved Mother Earth so much and she is still sad because he's gone. He watches over all of us from the bridge where he's teaching everyone there everything he taught us here on Earth.


  9. Hi Sluggo! Sorry we are a bit late in commenting but it has been way busy at our house. Mama tried to put us in Easter outfits this morning and us boys were all good...but the sissy's...not so much. Firehydrant boys rock! Anywho? Mamas and daddy just got energy efficient windows for the house to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Next, we already recylce paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, plastic store sacks, and chipboard. Mama recently bought 3 green hampers to put our recylables in so that we don't keep using non-decomposing trash bags. Maybe that is what we should do next...find decomposing poop and trashy baggums so that once they reach the landfill they will decompose. Also, we try to limit our use of potty pads by going outside when the weather is nice...well except for one set of princess paws...she is kinda picky where her pee lands. Oh...and we have those squiggly bulbs and we try to use natural light, now that we can see out of our windows as much as possible as well as cool air from the windows by cracking them as the new windows are easier to open and have unbroken screens. Yay!!
    Chest bumps,
    George & Toby Slimmer (The FH Slimmer Boys)

  10. Hi Sluggo, I JUST saw this challenge - a little late as I know Earth Day has passed. At our house, though, EVERYDAY is EARTH DAY! We are big on recycling everything we can from containers to clothing. We have always (as long as I have lived here) had a COMPOST. We never go shopping with out reusable bags. I PUGsonally wander the house turning off lights in rooms no one is occupying. Our biggest challenge today is reducing the amount of PACKAGING we bring home. Mommy has a rule for when we go walking - if you spot litter on the ground EVEN IF YOU DID NOT DROP IT then you are obliged to pick it up and dispose of it properly. In my family we heartily believe in keeping Mother EARTH as beautiful and healthy as possible. Oh, and a shout out to Mommy #2 who takes light rail and the train to her work 27 miles away. She spends TWO HOURS each way but does it to keep 1 more car off the road.
    Love Noodles

  11. i am proud of all of you, i have been recycling fo a long time myself. somtimes it gets to be confusing.It takes more time but if it saves the earth from losing certain things it is aLL WORTH IT. I think they should teach about this in all schools, which i think they do in some, years ago they never had plastic bags but they had plenty of cans. Now i do not hardly buy anything if it comes in a can. Like frozen food is much better for you. Humans that is.



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