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Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Post From Mom ~ Serious Stuff

Hi all. Today Wilma has kindly handed the reins over to me so that I may share something well outside her lighthearted posting style. She will be back next time, as there is a lot going on with the Sunflower Club. Sluggo also has some things to share, but that will all have to wait.

First I would like to share a link to Honeybear's blog.

If you are not familiar with her story, I encourage you to read about her journey from abuse, pain, and neglect to health, faith, and love, all from the kindness of strangers.

The long and short of it, is that HoneyBear spent the first years of her life in the cage of a backyard breeder who dropped her at a shelter to be killed when she was no longer of use to her. As if that wasn't bad enough, she was abused, her both front legs broken and allowed to heal without repair.
But her story ends happy. She was taken in as a foster, and funds were raised for her surgeries. She is living a wonderful charmed life with no fear of any harm coming to her.

On the same day I read about HoneyBear moving on to the next phase of her new life, I saw a sickening news story about two severely abused and malnourished dogs being anonymously dropped at a no kill shelter in my community.

Warning... Please look away if you don't want to see very disturbing pictures.

The sight of these dogs makes me physically ill. My natural reaction is to look away. To change the channel, close the page. It's too painful to think about. But, I couldn't stop thinking about these dogs all day. I don't have to look away, I can do something. I decided to start by putting their story out to you all. The dogs are under the care of the SPCA here in Monroe CT. There is a reward being offered for the ID of the owner that leads to their arrest and conviction. They are also having an adoption drive in an effort to place 29 of their long term residents. 29 in 29 days. Their adoption fees have been reduced to 29.00, from their normal 495.00.

Lastly, they are working to raise 5000.00 dollars the cost of their care for the next six months. Care to bring them back to health with the goal of finding them homes where they can know the love and security that our dogs receive on a daily basis.

To learn more click here

Donations and name suggestions to:
SPCA of Connecticut, Inc.
"Abuse Case"
359 Spring Hill Road
Monroe, CT 0648

I would like to arrange a more organized effort to help these dogs, so I will keep you posted with my plans.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. I hope in some small way to make a difference.

Kiss your babies,


  1. Thanks for sharing this story. You have already made a difference just by sharing their story. I will try to swipe my mom's checkbook and send a donation!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Thank you for sharing both stories. We really hope those two sweet dogs find a life like Honeybear did.


  3. Poor baby, what a story
    Benny & Lily

  4. I've just posted this on Scarlet's Soapbox page:

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. Oh how awful. We have had some starved doggies at are local shelter too

  6. Thanks for putting this out there.

    Yes, it is difficult to see/read/etc., but those who look away are part of the problem.

  7. Thanks for sharing this~

    What a nice thing you're putting together-

    We send our love your way,

  8. Thank you for sharing both stories. After looking at those very sad pictures of the two in your community, it was really heartwarming to read Honeybear's blog and see her recovery.

  9. oh break my heart...i'm giving lots of extra love to pug right now. i don't know how people can be so cruel to these sweet animals.

  10. hi kathy!
    thank you so much for sharing this with all of us.
    you are making a big difference.
    a & m

  11. Yes,, you make a difference everyday in every blog you post.
    Thank you for sharing this

  12. oh how terrible, i am thrilled they have found a good home and you are doing a lot of good to notify people of this and hopefully people will help out.



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