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Friday, May 20, 2011

Check Up Time

Hi Peeps, Me and Britte had out check-up visit last night. Before I share, let me tell you, it's a jungle out there! Not in the way our humans refer to the world when they here about some particularly heinous event. I'm talking tropical jungle. It has been raining here for a solid week. And aside from putting a real cramp in my "business" routine, all kinds of things are sprouting up everywhere. We went from the lovely scent of lilacs drifting into the window and delicate little leaf buds popping off their branches, to foot tall grass, and weeds everywhere.

I'll tell you, it does nothing for my complexion. Mom's been running after us with those damn cotton squares soaked in some godawful substance jamming it into our "stinky" mugs. Personally, I don't mind the stank of my mug. As soon as Mom cleans it I just search around for some dirty clothes or stinky grass to return me to my natural state.

Anyway, back to the vet. First of all, Dad had to come home early to "babysit" Sluggo. We didn't want him coming along and steal all of our attention and he has never been alone for a single moment of his life.

and Mom was afraid if she left him home alone, Mr Sadsack my escalate into a full blown nervous breakdown.

So anyways, we hop in the car and start off towards the vet. I don't mind going there cuz I get lots of treats and everyone dotes over how adorable I am. Brigitte likes the idea of meeting more people, and potentially seeing some hunky big dog.

Mom should have known better than to think we would be behaving though.
Straight outta the gate I started acting up in the car.

See me here, I flung myself down off the doggy seat in between the front and back seats. I thought it would be cool because Mom forgot her camera and she would have no proof of my antics.

I was wrong.

We arrive at the office and wait our turn.

I started to get real excited because I knew I would be costing Mom and Dad lots of green papers.

Check out my nappy deer haunches. We have been shedding like a mother lately.

I went first of course. I kinda got pissed when the scale said I had gained like a pound and a half. It was then that I decided to be totally uncooperative.
I mean, I coulda been worse, and have been in fact. But there were a few things I was not gonna let happen without a struggle. Such as looking at my bottom front teeth. Nope, didn't happen. Try again next time.
Over all though, my Dr Matz said that I was in great shape. Duh?
She said I was very spry and spunky for my age. And that my heart sounded great. They stole some blood , so we'll know how thing look inside my organs and stuff. But from the outside, I checked out fine.

Next, it was Brigitte's turn.

She said, in a show of solidarity she would not make it easy on them either. This is her hiding under the chair.

Then she defaulted to her little miss goody two paws setting after she found out she was down a pound. Brigitte checked out good as well. We have to deliver poop and pee (my pleasure) to be checked, then we should be good for a while.

On the way out, a really sweet greyhound came in. Brigitte was all over him like bacon on a cheeseburger.

One more thing from Mom...

***Hi guys, Kathy here. As usual. O got all freaky about vaccinations. They drew titers for the antibodies that they could, but Lyme and lepto are annual. Since we do live in the state where Lyme disease started, and the girls do spend time in the parks and trails, I will probably bring them back for the shots. I figure, I will see how their routine blood work comes back and then take them in. I just get so nervous, especially as they get older. What do you all do about vaccinations? Especially those of you with older pugs.


  1. Hi guys!

    We're glad you both checked out okay at the vets - and poor Sluggo. We're glad your dad could come home and be with him.

    Mom has read up on vaccinations but she doesn't see a way around them at this point. She even tried to take us off some of the other stuff (for fleas etc) but then I (Pearl) got fleas and it was AWFUL!!!!! Mommy hates medications but so far we have done okay on them so she gets the vaccinations. Lyme disease is so terrible, too. There's no way you want to get that!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  2. Way to go Wilma, giving them attitude! You made us all proud. I tend to want to be invisible and try to shrink down into nothing. Anyhoo, did you get that greyhounds digits or what?
    Mom here: Vaccinations have been scary for us too. Kitty had a severe reaction to one a while back and her throat nearly closed. Her eyes did swell shut and she had huge whelps all over. I think it was a dental vaccine (which I think is total crap but got pressured into it). We ended up shoving liquid Benadryl down her throat and she was ok after a while. Now we have the meds ready to go! We agree with Pearl and Daisy though, right now we think it is too dangerous not to get them.

  3. So glad that you made it through the vet okay. Sluggo reminds my mom of Lincoln, he hates to be alone too. And great job with the total diva attitude. Those humans have got to learn their place from time to time.

    Rock on.


    Minnie Moo

  4. My mom says to tell you that she LOVED the cuddle shots (me too). Glad you had fun on the check-up...a pug should never make it easy to see the bottom teath...or any teeth for that matter. Isn't it an oath we take upon birth? That and a pledge to try and grow our nails as long as possible!

  5. Hahahahaha. EVERYTHING that Payton just said. :)

    Glad you're both in tip-top shape!

  6. We agree with Payton!!! Also, we had our titers checked before getting the vacs. Mack needed it, I didn't!! YES.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. I forgot to say how Brigitte gave a lady a woo woo woo when she walked in the door. It was fabulous!

  8. what an awesome post! love the pics of all 3 pugs melted together.

    ever since deedee had a major vaccination reaction to lepto, she hasn't gotten anymore, and we've been paying thru the nose for titers for the older 2, to avoid as many vacc's as possible. supposedly the lepto vacc is the worst for reactions, and I don't know if there are titers for that.

    one thing I have learned is: I always schedule the shot in the AM and make sure I am home to monitor and rush to the vet if necessary. yes, I am THAT crazy lady.

  9. Hi guys! we enjoyed your visit to the vet, that kind of visit we can cope with! We got put on a DIET by our vet last year, cheeky monkey. Dex has his booster this year, we spend a lot of time by the river so the human's decided we are definitely having the booster. Still, if it means extra treats we'll go along with it! Dex & Lou x

  10. Ditto what Payton said! As far as the Lyme vacc goes, You three should definetly go! I go for my booster next week. Mom is planing a Suprise-Grand adventure for me & she said this is a must requirement. Mom thought I was mopie from my very 1st ever Lyme shot, but I have her fooled... I can milk-it-for-all-its worth.


  11. Glad all is well with the two of you. Sorry Sluggo is such a pill, but then, he is a boy. I know what you mean about the rain. I don't know if we will EVER see the sun.


  12. we should put momma in the car and bring her to get a needle!
    Benny & Lily

  13. Oh my gosh, what cute photos of all of you snuggling together!!
    In the Great Northwest, lyme disease is not as big an issue as your half of the world. Even though I live in the forest, moms are very careful to watch for ticks. I never got one, but my mommy gets them. I have to get shots, but nothing for ticks. (i don't think). I get booster shots and mom always worrys when i get them.
    Wilma, I am so happy you all got good bills of health, and entertained the doctors at the clinic,, i am sure.



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