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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Useful Information

"Like Mom teaches her students: Of the six principles of care, safety trumps everything"

This weeks wisdom comes courtesy of not only Mom, but Dr. Jon over at I wholeheartedly endorse it because the post today will include a list of things we dogs may commonly ingest that are NON toxic.

I am not saying that you should go around eating these things, but if you do, your people don't have to go into a full blown freak out. Cuz let's face it, none of us appreciates being scooped up, thrown in the car and whisked off to the VET in a full blown flip out frenzy.

So, while I do encourage your peeps to check with your vets if you do end up eating any of the following items, since the packaging and/or amount of the thing might be an issue. At least if they have a list of these non toxic items, they can maintain composure long enough to dial the vets number.

So, here it is...the list:

Acrilic paint
Ballpoint pens
Bath oil
Birth control pills
Bubble bath soaps
Citronella candles
Elmer's glue
Fabric softeners
Glow jewelry
Hair conditioner
Hand lotion
Indelible markers
Magic markers
Mineral oil
Modeling clay
Newspaper-non colored
Pencils (no longer made of lead)
Petroleum jelly
Rubber cement
Shaving cream
Silica gel packets
Suntan lotion
Teething rings
Water colors

Have any of you ever tried any of these things? Or any other non food items that threw your people into a panic? Please share.

That being said, this list is for dogs, we pugs are a breed apart, so make sure you get checked if you eat this stuff. However, I can provide a list of food items that are way tastier than any of this crap.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who helped make this past weekends ice cream social such a success. I love hanging out with you all and having fun. My Sunflower Sistas are the best!!!

Keep in mind, that Summer is fast approaching. We must have a second annual Camp Sunflower. Please feel free to submit any suggestions for another fun filled camp.


  1. I try to eat non foodables all the time!! If its on the floor, I must try to eat it! The momma doesn't seem to understand that I'm a pug and must therefore try to eat things! After the rock eating thing, she goes into panic mode just abou every time she sees me randomly chewing!!



  2. When I was younger, I chewed on a plant (mother's tongue) and swallowed a small arm from one of my plush toys. Having hydrogen peroxide shoved down your throat to vomit is not fun, let me tell you.

  3. Oh dear. I chew on mostly everything. It's a game, all the time to get the items out of my mouth. I've tried to catch birth control pills.

    Please add batteries to your list, I've tried to swallow one of those. The other day I even ate a little bit of Styrofoam insulation. Yummy. It took me two days to poop. Oh dear.

    Hehe, thanks for the advice.


    Minnie Moo

  4. Glad you made that list 'cause I LOVE hand lotion, toothpaste, and crayons (in that order). Mommy thinks there is something wrong with me, but she is obviously mistaken.

  5. Here's the question: what HAVEN'T I eaten..Mom says I must have a stomach of steel. Like Minnie, I have gotten a hold of batteries (they were leaking but not swallowed), an alarm clock, remote controls, a cell phone, one 4" gold hoop earring, a ball-point pen (which I chewed on the bedspread), acorns, dried acrylic paint, burt's bees chap stick (Yum..minty fresh), just to name a few. I did once poo out a stuffie's ear whole. Poor Pal. The worst was getting a hold of a Lindt truffle. Yikes! It is a good thing I am so cute or I would be in serious trouble.

    Thanks for the list Wilma. Mom will keep it handy.

  6. hi wilma!
    oh that is a great list of things not to eat!
    i have not yet found any of those things to eat but i am sure i will try!
    archie the kid

  7. I have eaten some play-doh in my day (as has my bunny sister) ...and maybe a crayon or two. Is that wrong?

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Hi Wima
    I ate a christmas tree light bulb, that really flew my moms into a panic!
    I got everything done to me at the vet ER clinic..
    xrays,,, and lots of bread!
    Thank you for sharing the list with us!

  9. Our favorite is baby oil, which is mineral oil basically. And we eat tubes of neosporin and benadryl cream. LOVE that stuff. And acorns. And pine cones. Tallulah just nibbled on ivy leaves tonight. Good stuff.



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