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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Thanks

Hello people's, Sluggo here. I'm coming in just under the wire to thank all the brave men and women who have served our country. We here in Wilma's world truly appreciate all the sacrifices they and their families make to keep us free and safe.

We woke up to rain this morning, and thought the day was a wash. Most of the parades were cancelled. We did our BBQ ing yesterday at Grammy and Grampy's, and Dad wasn't feeling so good. So I did what I do and stayed right by Dad's side to help him feel better.

Then the rain stopped and sun started peeking through the clouds. Mom went out for a while, and came home with a surprise.

A puppy pool. The girls took a dip in their bathing suits. I was a little apprehensive, so I just Checked it out from the sidelines.

By the time I got in, Wilma was done. In fact, Mom thought she might have been a little aggravated by the suit, but she said fashion never bothers her.

It was more the ghetto style pool itself. She said she will accept nothing less than an in ground pool with a cabana and a pool boy.

Maybe next summer.


  1. Hey girls, your suits are adorably cute!
    I can hardly believe it was warm enough to go swiming. It's still only 60 degrees here.
    Sluggo... I think I see you doing some splashing,,
    Is that what you were doing?
    It did look like fun to me.
    I hope your dad is feeling better

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  3. ohhhhh!
    look at the puppy pool!
    you momma is always thinkin' i tell ya!
    we love it and the swim suits!
    oh this just made our whole day!
    a & m

  4. Sluggo, I love that first shot of you - very patriotic! I'm glad the girls had fun in the pool too! They looked extra cute in their suits.

  5. Look at those hotties in the pool! Nice tribute for Memorial Day.
    Benny & Lily

  6. oooh, that pool looks wonderful! You girls look super cute, too!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  7. Pft typical Wilma, Ghetto Pool!!! Well Sluggo I likes the pool but likes you I thinks I would hang out at the side to begin withs. Hang ons....

    sorry abouts that I had to tell Mum I needs to get a pool. That looks lke funs.

    Hey I wonder..... will the sunflower sisters have a pool party in the plans...... I have some snorkel gear, we can totally spy on them girls.


  8. You guys look sooo cool in those bathing suits. But you'll probably have to wait awhile for a real pool. Maybe you'll inherit the yard to put one in some day. Sorry your Dad was sick after eating with us. Hope it was nothing I cooked!

    Love y'all,

  9. Yeah, your mom totally buttered you up trying to divert your attention away from the cheapo pool. Nice try. I don't swim, but if I did I would also need a pool boy, with treats. What did Brigitte think of it?

    Hope your dad gets rid of the urpies.



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