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Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Back! At Least 95%

Yep, I'm feelin' pretty good. I'll tell you, you can't fart sideways around here without the humans having an all out panic attack. Literally.

I mean, I hate to say a cup of whippy, organic bakery dog treat and an extra treat from the barista gave me a gas bubble... No, really, I hate to say it, because I am afraid I will never enjoy the sweet delicious bliss of whippy across my mug again. I suppose the combo of these treats could maybe have possibly caused me a tiny bit of gastric distress, but I doubt enough to swear it off forever, right?!

And then there is the matter of my me time with Mom on Friday. I was having a great time throughout our adventure, but, I fear I may have to scale things back a bit. Any room in the bingo club for me Tuni & Pearl?

I don't know, I think I still have plenty of pep in my step, maybe a dose of Geritol would help.

Either way, I am sorry for giving everyone a scare. I honestly do not like to see that look in Mom and Dad's eyes. I was just feeling a little under the weather. So try not to worry about me.

I would love to tell you all about my me time now, if you don't mind.

It started out at my beloved Dr Erickson's office for a little adjustment.

Since I was feeling so good, she only gave me an adjustment and we skipped the acupuncture.

After my appointment we spied a tag sale sign. So we took a quick detour to check out the offerings.

Then we stopped at this great little bread bakery.
So tasty

Normally I have to lay low after my pins, so since we figured I should be able to handle some activity, we decided to stop at one of my favorite places White Memorial Conservation Center.

I am afraid that this may be where we began to err. It was such a beautiful day, and me and Mom were really enjoying spending time together, so we took a leisurely walk around the grounds.

There were so many photo ops, I really didn't have an opportunity to get tired, but we did cover a lot of ground.

We stopped for a drink, and Mom pulled out the special treat she got for me, and only me.

I really enjoyed it!

This rock was the perfect table for lunch.

After that, it was off to visit Nana.
First, a detour to Starbucks.

Please enjoy what could have been my last whippy treat. Had I only known, I would have demanded what remained in that cup!

Nana got a new computer. Time to fill it up with pictures of her number one grand pug!

So, that's it folks, From there, it was home, dinna, and snuggle time. I was tired for sure, but who knew what lay ahead?

I truly would like to sincerely thank each of you for sending good  juju and  healing vibes. I could feel them.
 A big thank you goes out to Dr Matz, who hung out with me all day Saturday. She took me out lots of times for walks. She even forgave me for pooping inside. So, I will let it slide how she fed that chick next to me without even sharing a morsel with me.
Also, thanks for taking care of the parents, they can be so dramatic at times!

Love, Wilma


  1. Wilma, I am so glad to see your sassy self back in action!

    My momma was on pins and needles all weekend. She says that when I have been sick, she never would have survived it without our blogging friends. We just get it. So we were sending up EXTRA prayer for you and also for your mom and dad!

    Anyway, thank GOODNESS you are feeling better! (P.S. I will sneak you some whippy in the mail.)


  2. P.S. Just as you are on the mend, we have another Sunflower Sister in need. :( Lulu (sis of Harry Pugalicious) had some seizures this weekend and her momma is very afraid. She is at the vet right now.

  3. Hi Wilma! Girl, don't forget me in the old lady club...I mean, bingo team! It's tough getting more mature, but I guess it happens to the best of us. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I think I got a case of the sympathy pains though because I've got some gas and sinus drainage that might be adding to a bit of an upset tummy this morning. (I guess we love to give our moms a hard time!) Anyway, I'd say your wonderful day totally makes a little discomfort worth it...just a heavenly day with your mom! And great pics of you posing in the sun, beautiful!
    PS. Hey, Pearl - So sorry to hear about Lulu! Feel free to give her mom my mom's contact info if you need to! We will be praying hard for her as I know that seizures are no fun at all.

  4. hi wilma!
    oh i am soooo happy it was just a bubble!
    those hurt i tell ya!
    just like people, sometimes things just do not digest the right way.
    i am sure you can enjoy all of your favorite treats bubble free in the future!
    a & m

  5. Big love to Lulu and so glad to hear you're on the up & up!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  6. so glad wilma is feeling better! those pugs certainly know how to keep us hopping...

  7. Wilma,
    My mom is curious about your adjustments and acupuncture, as she is seeking alternative options to the drugs my vet likes to put me on for every ailment. Could you ask her to do a post on what has helped, for which ailments you have had work done, etc? My mom would really appreciate it!

    Love, Marlene

  8. Hi Wilma
    Glad you are back in action. Gas can really put a girl under for a day. So unfortunate and so scary for the 'rents. I remember once I ate something bad and it scared my Mommmys so much we ended up at the EMERGENCY CLINIC at MIDNIGHT! It was a tummyache. But they felt better knowing I was not knock - knock - knocking on Heaven's Door. . .
    Love Noodles

  9. Hurray my girl Wilma is back!!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. i'm so glad you are feeling better wilma!

  11. what good news Wilma..we know how the human drama queens get
    Benny & Lily

  12. Hi Wilma,

    So glad you are feeling better, what a relief.


  13. Dear Gawd Wilma, way to scare the begeesus out of us. I tell you, the ol' pooper just doesn't work like it used to when I was a young thing. These days I can't eat a beggin strip without getting the runs. Maybe you could still get whippy if you don't eat all the other stuff with it? Maybe? Anyway, glad you are feeling better.

    Kitty (and Coco)

  14. Wilma we would love you to come on and play bingo with us! We usually meet on Saturday nights...around 4pm. Glad to see you are betters!


  15. Wilma, we are so glad you are feeling better!! We hope that isn't the last whippy you ever get!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  16. Glad you are almost back to normal, WIlma. We would swear on our pug pajamas that you will eat whippy cream again one day.
    PS, Isabelle is going for an acupuncture consult Saturday!

  17. Wilma
    The whole world loves you and is so happy that you are better!
    What a relief for your mom, dad and us.

    We will send healing wishes to Lulu

  18. Willy D! We've been trying to post for days...stinky Blogger won't play nice with iPad. We're glad to hear you back to normal - well almost! Fuji's in on the Bingo circuit.
    Stay outta trouble, OK?

    Gen & the Foo

  19. Oh Wilma this is great news that yous is back and okays. Mum was so freaked outs and worrying and prayings.

    Now back to our regular blogging attitude....

    Poor Sluggo must have been totally gassed outta the room, quick gets some frebreeze!


  20. Glad you're feeling better, Wilma! You gave all of us quite a scare. Your half-brother Pablo from Confessions of a Pugophile is pulling for you out here in PA.

  21. Wilma girlfriend! I just knew your little episode was nothing. You sure had all of us worried but in the end you are a-ok. So glad you are almost completely back to normal.


  22. well wilma,
    so sorry you had a tummy acke but that goes to show you for wanting to be greedy and all but it was good to see you, but it looks like i havent got any pics yet uploaded, cause you need a camera to do that. thats a good pic of you and i have to say. especially youuuuuuuuuuu
    Love Nana.



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