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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"It is important, when you are feeling under the weather, to come back hard and strong"

Whenever we have a little brush with ill health or injury, our parents tend to get all tender towards us. Which is fine, however, you can't allow them to forget that you are strong, in charge, and bad to the bone.

An example of how I have been practicing this most recently, is by putting on my best greased pig performance.

The thing is, I rarely come when I'm called. I will only come if
A. I feel like it &
B. There is something in it for me.

This morning, I put on a double whammy. Sluggo puked on the sheets last night, so the rents were trying to strip the bed. Well, I wasn't ready to get up, plus, I could smell the tasty treat and needed to investigate. So I proceeded to wiggle myself just out of reach every time dad dove for me.

It looked something like this, except insert cute fawn pug queen.

Then there was the matter of coming in after doing business. This time, I did come when called, but when I saw that Dad wanted to clean my feet off, I wasn't having it. Have treat in hand, or expect this...

I will simply exit, and wait just outside the door until all conditions point to treats in my belly!

So, in the words of the great LL Cool J

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years

In the spirit of coming back strong, I also need to put out the call for a Sunflower Power of the Paw.

Our girls ICleo and Lulu have been having some health issues of their own. Cleo with nasty mast cell tumors, and Lulu with seizures. Please go over and offer them some love. Take it from the source, it works!


  1. You're back! YAY! I just knew nothing could keep you down.

    I like to pretend I'm in charge, too, but sometimes that leads to no good. But I am a lot like you because I only come if there's food involved. Why else would I want to come? And cleaning my feet off? Forget about it! I'll have none of that nonsense, thank you!

    Glad you are backto being wise and a wise-ass!


  2. Wilma, I think you have the right attitude, hands down! I try to take the same approach, but I'm not sure that I'm always as successful as you are. Will you mentor me?
    PS. Stopped by Cleo and Lulu's blogs!

  3. thanks for the sunflower power! cleo can feel it working already...

  4. Wilma, you are the mistress of COOL! I need to work on my aloof skills. I am too anxious to please.
    Love Noodles

  5. We knew you'd come back full strength, Wilma. Full of pee and vinegar, so to speak.

  6. Wilma, honey.....yer words are perfect timin' fer me. Somethin's wrong with my poopchute. Musta been a bad Slim Jim.

  7. Hi Wilma
    It makes me happy to know that you have everything under control again,, just like you always did!
    I will go share some Sunflower power with Lulu and Icleo

  8. Hoal Wilma!!
    Like alwyas you are the Queen of Bad Girl!!!
    You Rock!!
    Spongy & Licky



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