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Saturday, February 20, 2010


What a great day. We hosted our friends Murphy and Duke and their Mom Samantha and sister Cella for a visit today. You may remember Murphy and Duke from my Friends and Family post. Murphy's an old flame from way back. We were reminiscing today about the days when we were "only pugs". I sure do like that tall, dark and handsome Duke, although I think him and Brigitte may have a thing for each other.
Duke and Murphy

I learned another thing that Sluggo picked up from Murphy. Not sure if I've ever mentioned Sluggos issues with surfaces,but apparently Murphy has the same problem.Sluggo doesn't like to walk on shiny, slippery surfaces.For example, he won't walk on the basement floor. He hates Grammy and Grampys kitchen floor,and when we go the store, he refuses to step off the entrance mat.Just another one of his neurosis, or so I thought. Low and behold, guess who had to be carried through the living room by his Mommy to get to the yard? Murphy. So what is it folks? Nature or nurture? 
 It took a little coaxing to get him out, but look how fabulous Murphy looked once he got out there.We hung out outdoors for a bit, but of course, it was warm enough to make mud in the yard. I wasn't too excited about getting my luxurious fur all dirty and stinky.

The boys were feelin' me and they let us know when they were ready to go back inside and chill.
Naturally, Sluggo worked his magic on young Cella.

Sluggo was really happy to see his foster brother Murph Since Murphy lost some weight, everyone was mistaking us for one another.
Duke was a perfect guest. He really enjoyed Sluggos lambies. Surprisingly Sluggo was cool about sharing.

Doesn't Murphy have the cutest face?

We can't wait to have them back, but quite frankly, us girls are pooped.

Til next time, Wilma


  1. What cute friends you have, Wilma! I approve.


  2. yah, me too. i cannot get over all the freinds you pugs have. ive lost track, but you are my special one wilma



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