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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sluggo's Lil' Buddy

Hi folks, Today I'd like to talk about Sluggo's obsession with lambies.I've really never seen anything quite like it. This kid loves his lambs. He tends to choose favorites, that he needs to have with him at all times. The favorites rotate, and there are ranks in his posse. He likes to stick with a certain core group, with one individual being top lamb. He has a memory for them as well. Like if one particular desired lamb happens to be upstairs in the bedroom, he will cry at the bottom of the stairs until Mom or Dad opens the door.Then he tears up the stairs, retrieves said lamb and proceeds to either request a game of fetch,

                                         Chew it's face off
wrap his entire mouth around it
or simply eviscerate it until he gets to the tasty center.
Now when he has accomplished full annihilation he does not cast these lambs aside. Oh no, they seem to become even more special to him. Take piggo ( that's right, before his exsanguination that last guy used to be a pig) he has been in the top five for months now. Speaking of top five, on certain nights, Sluggo likes to call meetings of his conglomerates. He'll be relaxing, seemingly content watching TV, when up pops his head, and he gets up to retrieve one of the members. He'll do this about 4 or 5 times until he has the group of them all around him. If he can't find a particular lamb, after searching up and down for it, he makes a pathetic whimpering sound. Then the staff, I mean Mom or Dad will drop what they are doing to assisit in the search and rescue. Oh, how happy that makes him. He sometimes even sits up in bed at night, obsessing about who he will sleep with. He'll jump down, run around searching for the perfect partner, and return to settle in for the night. What is the purpose of these gatherings? Does he have a secret agenda? I just don't know.  Maybe he'll let me in on it someday. But until then, only the lambies know. I've really never seen a dog with such a deep personal commitment to his lambs. If any of you out there know of someone, please let me know. I think he's most happy though, when he snuggles up with that one perfect lamb and that one perfect pug. Then, all is right with Sluggos' world...

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  1. hi, it is me Tweedles. Thank you for coming to visit me. Now I have come to see you!
    Your names are Wilma and Sluggo? Am I right?
    i have been looking through your bloggy to get to know you. I see you have lamies. I love lamies too.
    I think you's adorable. We can be friends.
    I would love to be. Come back again



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