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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Enlightened Pug

This week we went to see my favorite Veterinarian Dr Ericson. I told you about her in a previous post. I have been seeing her for years,and this past year Brigitte started coming too. I'll admit it, at first I was a little miffed about anyone coming along on my special soirees. This was, after all, my own personal time with the Mom. Plus it increases my net worth. I would get to see all my friends at the office and watch them jump through hoops to  get me to cooperate with the treatment. All humans focused on it should be.Then I realized that aside from having Mom to myself, nothing else had to change. I'm still top dog, everyone still adores me, and Brigitte is feeling better. It's all good.
A little background for your information. I have this bad leg in the back. The knee used to pop out of joint and I would be running along with it kind of just hanging there.Not a good look.I would eventually kick it back into place, but it was getting worse, and my regular vet was talking about surgery.Plus it hurt. This is not an uncommon affliction to the pug.  They call it luxating patella . Dad works with a guy who's dog does agility training and he told Dad about Dr Ericson at Animal Health Practice. She practices veterinary accupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicine.Mom and Dad brought me there, I was started on a Chinese herb, Solitary Hermit, an injection and treatments from the doc. That was about 7 years ago and I haven't had a problem since. At first I went for treatment more frequently and once my symptoms subsided, my visits were cut down to maintainance. Now Brigitte goes for arthritis in her front paw, and she's feeling better too.
While those details may be informative, I know you all want to know how things went. This time all three of us went. It's a real hassle for Mom, she has a hard time managing all of us on her own (I don't know why) but you know how attached that Sluggo is to her, and it was his 3rd Birthday. So if we left him home, he would have likely melted down. And let's face it, all the ladies love him.I mean look at this mug..We started out in the exam room waiting for the doc. This gave me a chance to sniff around and check things out. I was milling around Dr Ericsons desk and thought for a moment how great I would be as a professional. Made me rethink my choice to be a lady of leisure, then I snapped out of it.
Next came the best part, my treatment. We always start with the "happy thoughts" pin there it is right on topof my head. This tends to mellow me out and bring me to my happy place. Now, my happy place happens to be alligned  with my mischeivous place and quite frequently, I tend to really bust some chops at this point, and make the rest of my treatment quite a circus. I decided to go easy this time, I was feelin' the love.

Then came Brigittes turn. Naturally, Miss Goody Four Paws was perfectly well behaved. 
 Which on the one hand was cool, cuz when she's getting her treatment, I am not the center of attention. However, I think she was tryin' to make me look bad, and it backfired. My Dr Ericson gets me, she knows that the more trouble I give you, the better I like you. It makes me interesting, it makes me unpredictable, it makes me me. It makes Brigitte booooooring.

So that's pretty much it. I'll leave out the part where Brigitte pooped in the waiting room and Sluggo peed on the door, gives us pugs a bad name.
Til next time, love ya, Wilma

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  1. oh, you pugs are too much, giving your mom
    a hard time and all messing in the docs place and all., but i still luv yah



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