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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Spring Fever



  1. Oh, boy Wilma! That green grass sure looks right about now. All we have is snow, snow and more snow in our yard!

    We read your comment on our blog about how your sister likes pink and grey and we were wondering if your sister would like Daisy's sweater? Daisy won't wear hers - as you can see from our post, she gets VERY grumpy when she has to wear clothes. If your sister would like the sweater, you could email our mom at pearlspuglove at frontiernet dot net with your address!

  2. Thank you somuch for offering Brigitte Daisy's sweater. My Mom is e-mailing your Mom.That's actually Brigitte in the picture. It's from a few years ago, on a nice warm day.

  3. Just looking at this pictures makes me smile ... which is welcome, indeed, on a snowy day like today. Hope you're warm and cozy by the fire, dreaming of springtime, little Wil!

  4. i love that picture of that pug whoever it is.
    Reminds me of my childhood running in the meadows and it looks like the pug is doing the same, having a grand ole time, saying oh im freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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