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Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's Celebrate!!

Greetings, a quick update tonight, because I simply couldn't let the week go by without wishing two of my favorite people Happy Birthday. We have two February birthdays in our house. Today, it's my Dad's. We won't say how many years.For some reason humans start getting all sensitive about these things. As for the other one, it was Sluggo's third Birthday on Groundhog Day. Thankfully we don't check with him as far as how many weeks are left in Winter. He's so uptight, if it were up to him, we'd never get out from under this snowdrift.We won't hold it against him however.Thanks to him and Dad, we got to go over Grammy and Grampy's last weekend to celebrate, with CAKE! Hard to believe it was three years ago, that Sluggos Mom was rescued from an apartment in Yonkers. Then along came Sluggo ( formerly Howie) who nobody ever thought would be coming to live at our house. I was actually pretty instrumental in that transaction going down. For some reason, I was totally enthralled with this young pup on the other side of the gate. I just sat there watching over him. He had to be mine. That's why Mom and Dad said okay. They saw me and they knew, it was meant to be. So Happy Birthday Dad and Sluggy. ( Reminder, my birthday is coming up May 25th)
Tomorrow I heard the folks are going into the city to celebrate with Auntie. That's cool and everything, I will hold things down around here. But if you're out there Auntie, you better make sure to take my parents past some gourmet, hoity toity, upper west side treat dispensary. Because if I can't enjoy a day in the city, I at least want some payola.
Love ya, Wilma


  1. Uh oh .... LOL!

    When you visit, Will, I will take you to a fancy treat dispensary. I promise! :)

  2. Can't wait Auntie. Mom and Dad did bring me home a nice private chew bone. They know what's good for them!

  3. I love you Wilma but did you have to post the picture of Dad with half of a very wrinkled face belonging to ....well that's a secret! No treats for you!

  4. oh lordy bee,b-days bring out the best in us happy day



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