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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Very Own Handmade Sweater - by Brigitte the chug

I was so excited when Mommy came in from the mailbox this morning. There it was, a lovely parcel from Rochester addressed to me! Mommy had said there would be a surprise coming for me,but I never could have guessed how happy it would make me. The package came from my new friends Sue, Pearl and Daisy over at Too Cute Pugs. Inside was the most beautiful pink and grey sweater. You see last week Pearl posted about the awesome new sweaters that their Mom made them. Well Wilma was admiring them and noted how pretty they looked. Except Daisy didn't like hers. She's not a fan of dressing up. What a mug she made in her picture. Not happy. Wilma posted a comment about the sweaters, and how she thought I would like the pink and grey one alot cuz those are my colors. Then Mommy got an email from Daisy and Pearls Mommy, offering me the sweater. Can you believe it? I think that is just the nicest thing that anyones ever done for me.(except when Mommy brought me home to have the best forever home ever,of course) Let me tell you, I couldn't get into the sweater fast enough and get outside to take it for a test run in the newly fallen snow. So Mommy and me went out for a private photo shoot. What do you think? Could I make it on America's Next Top Pug Model?

I'd like to send a great big Muchas Gracias out to Sue and her girls. Daisy, I will put your sweater to good use. In fact, I think I'll wear it to my Grammy and Grampys tomorrow. Thanks to Wilma also for graciously letting me be a guest on her blog.
Adios friends and family,

Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Apologies

Hi folks, Wilma here. Mom wanted to name this post Guilty Pleasures, but I vetoed her. I'm just going to put it out there. Call Don Henley, I love dirty laundry. Almost nothing makes me happier than sneaking into the laundry room with Mommy, and climbing to the top of the laundry pile. I love to mash my mug all up in the clothes. I love to roll around in them, and if I make a really cute face, Mommy caves and gives me belly rubs. Pure heaven. Not only do I love dirty laundry, I also simply can't sleep on clean sheets. When I get on the bed after the sheets are changed  I am compelled to run straight up the bed to the pillows and knock them out of place with my head. I must make contact with each individual pillow. Then I proceed to roll all over the bed. I can rest easy. There you have it. Big deal, right. Do any of you have any "guilty pleasures" you're not willing to apologize for. Please share
By the way, Mom and Dad,watching  "Steven Segal Lawman"
Toodles, Wilma

Saturday, February 20, 2010


What a great day. We hosted our friends Murphy and Duke and their Mom Samantha and sister Cella for a visit today. You may remember Murphy and Duke from my Friends and Family post. Murphy's an old flame from way back. We were reminiscing today about the days when we were "only pugs". I sure do like that tall, dark and handsome Duke, although I think him and Brigitte may have a thing for each other.
Duke and Murphy

I learned another thing that Sluggo picked up from Murphy. Not sure if I've ever mentioned Sluggos issues with surfaces,but apparently Murphy has the same problem.Sluggo doesn't like to walk on shiny, slippery surfaces.For example, he won't walk on the basement floor. He hates Grammy and Grampys kitchen floor,and when we go the store, he refuses to step off the entrance mat.Just another one of his neurosis, or so I thought. Low and behold, guess who had to be carried through the living room by his Mommy to get to the yard? Murphy. So what is it folks? Nature or nurture? 
 It took a little coaxing to get him out, but look how fabulous Murphy looked once he got out there.We hung out outdoors for a bit, but of course, it was warm enough to make mud in the yard. I wasn't too excited about getting my luxurious fur all dirty and stinky.

The boys were feelin' me and they let us know when they were ready to go back inside and chill.
Naturally, Sluggo worked his magic on young Cella.

Sluggo was really happy to see his foster brother Murph Since Murphy lost some weight, everyone was mistaking us for one another.
Duke was a perfect guest. He really enjoyed Sluggos lambies. Surprisingly Sluggo was cool about sharing.

Doesn't Murphy have the cutest face?

We can't wait to have them back, but quite frankly, us girls are pooped.

Til next time, Wilma

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sluggo's Lil' Buddy

Hi folks, Today I'd like to talk about Sluggo's obsession with lambies.I've really never seen anything quite like it. This kid loves his lambs. He tends to choose favorites, that he needs to have with him at all times. The favorites rotate, and there are ranks in his posse. He likes to stick with a certain core group, with one individual being top lamb. He has a memory for them as well. Like if one particular desired lamb happens to be upstairs in the bedroom, he will cry at the bottom of the stairs until Mom or Dad opens the door.Then he tears up the stairs, retrieves said lamb and proceeds to either request a game of fetch,

                                         Chew it's face off
wrap his entire mouth around it
or simply eviscerate it until he gets to the tasty center.
Now when he has accomplished full annihilation he does not cast these lambs aside. Oh no, they seem to become even more special to him. Take piggo ( that's right, before his exsanguination that last guy used to be a pig) he has been in the top five for months now. Speaking of top five, on certain nights, Sluggo likes to call meetings of his conglomerates. He'll be relaxing, seemingly content watching TV, when up pops his head, and he gets up to retrieve one of the members. He'll do this about 4 or 5 times until he has the group of them all around him. If he can't find a particular lamb, after searching up and down for it, he makes a pathetic whimpering sound. Then the staff, I mean Mom or Dad will drop what they are doing to assisit in the search and rescue. Oh, how happy that makes him. He sometimes even sits up in bed at night, obsessing about who he will sleep with. He'll jump down, run around searching for the perfect partner, and return to settle in for the night. What is the purpose of these gatherings? Does he have a secret agenda? I just don't know.  Maybe he'll let me in on it someday. But until then, only the lambies know. I've really never seen a dog with such a deep personal commitment to his lambs. If any of you out there know of someone, please let me know. I think he's most happy though, when he snuggles up with that one perfect lamb and that one perfect pug. Then, all is right with Sluggos' world...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Just want to send big love out to all my peeps and pugs out there. I hope you are all celebrating with the ones you love today. Getting and giving lots of kisses. Just remember pugs; stay away from the chocolate. It smells heavenly but it is poison to us. Besides, I don't know about you all, but I prefer my Valentines treats meat flavored!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's Celebrate!!

Greetings, a quick update tonight, because I simply couldn't let the week go by without wishing two of my favorite people Happy Birthday. We have two February birthdays in our house. Today, it's my Dad's. We won't say how many years.For some reason humans start getting all sensitive about these things. As for the other one, it was Sluggo's third Birthday on Groundhog Day. Thankfully we don't check with him as far as how many weeks are left in Winter. He's so uptight, if it were up to him, we'd never get out from under this snowdrift.We won't hold it against him however.Thanks to him and Dad, we got to go over Grammy and Grampy's last weekend to celebrate, with CAKE! Hard to believe it was three years ago, that Sluggos Mom was rescued from an apartment in Yonkers. Then along came Sluggo ( formerly Howie) who nobody ever thought would be coming to live at our house. I was actually pretty instrumental in that transaction going down. For some reason, I was totally enthralled with this young pup on the other side of the gate. I just sat there watching over him. He had to be mine. That's why Mom and Dad said okay. They saw me and they knew, it was meant to be. So Happy Birthday Dad and Sluggy. ( Reminder, my birthday is coming up May 25th)
Tomorrow I heard the folks are going into the city to celebrate with Auntie. That's cool and everything, I will hold things down around here. But if you're out there Auntie, you better make sure to take my parents past some gourmet, hoity toity, upper west side treat dispensary. Because if I can't enjoy a day in the city, I at least want some payola.
Love ya, Wilma

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Enlightened Pug

This week we went to see my favorite Veterinarian Dr Ericson. I told you about her in a previous post. I have been seeing her for years,and this past year Brigitte started coming too. I'll admit it, at first I was a little miffed about anyone coming along on my special soirees. This was, after all, my own personal time with the Mom. Plus it increases my net worth. I would get to see all my friends at the office and watch them jump through hoops to  get me to cooperate with the treatment. All humans focused on it should be.Then I realized that aside from having Mom to myself, nothing else had to change. I'm still top dog, everyone still adores me, and Brigitte is feeling better. It's all good.
A little background for your information. I have this bad leg in the back. The knee used to pop out of joint and I would be running along with it kind of just hanging there.Not a good look.I would eventually kick it back into place, but it was getting worse, and my regular vet was talking about surgery.Plus it hurt. This is not an uncommon affliction to the pug.  They call it luxating patella . Dad works with a guy who's dog does agility training and he told Dad about Dr Ericson at Animal Health Practice. She practices veterinary accupuncture, chiropractic and herbal medicine.Mom and Dad brought me there, I was started on a Chinese herb, Solitary Hermit, an injection and treatments from the doc. That was about 7 years ago and I haven't had a problem since. At first I went for treatment more frequently and once my symptoms subsided, my visits were cut down to maintainance. Now Brigitte goes for arthritis in her front paw, and she's feeling better too.
While those details may be informative, I know you all want to know how things went. This time all three of us went. It's a real hassle for Mom, she has a hard time managing all of us on her own (I don't know why) but you know how attached that Sluggo is to her, and it was his 3rd Birthday. So if we left him home, he would have likely melted down. And let's face it, all the ladies love him.I mean look at this mug..We started out in the exam room waiting for the doc. This gave me a chance to sniff around and check things out. I was milling around Dr Ericsons desk and thought for a moment how great I would be as a professional. Made me rethink my choice to be a lady of leisure, then I snapped out of it.
Next came the best part, my treatment. We always start with the "happy thoughts" pin there it is right on topof my head. This tends to mellow me out and bring me to my happy place. Now, my happy place happens to be alligned  with my mischeivous place and quite frequently, I tend to really bust some chops at this point, and make the rest of my treatment quite a circus. I decided to go easy this time, I was feelin' the love.

Then came Brigittes turn. Naturally, Miss Goody Four Paws was perfectly well behaved. 
 Which on the one hand was cool, cuz when she's getting her treatment, I am not the center of attention. However, I think she was tryin' to make me look bad, and it backfired. My Dr Ericson gets me, she knows that the more trouble I give you, the better I like you. It makes me interesting, it makes me unpredictable, it makes me me. It makes Brigitte booooooring.

So that's pretty much it. I'll leave out the part where Brigitte pooped in the waiting room and Sluggo peed on the door, gives us pugs a bad name.
Til next time, love ya, Wilma


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