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Monday, February 28, 2011

Brigitte P ~ Minister of Information

Brigitte has been bugging me lately about adding a twitter account to the blog. No offence to any of you tweeters out there, but I really have no interest in such things. One, I am too cool to be that trendy, and two because I have my paws full managing the blog.

Then I gave it some thought. Why not let Brigitte tweet? Let her be in charge of her own account and she can do with it what she wants.
It turns out that she is the perfect candidate for this kind of social media. Brigitte is a busybody.
I have heard Mom refer to her as bearing a striking resemblance to Betty Kimball.
None of you will know this Betty Kimball. I know I don't, and apparently, she has long since died.
She is a character from Mom's childhood.
Betty Kimball was the neighborhood gossip.
She was the short old lady with a history of mental health issues, who wore her lipstick far outside the boundaries of her lips, and walked around the neighborhood, stopping and turning to look behind her every 10 feet or so. She had a waddle in her gait, and she thrived on tattling on all the kids in the neighborhood for any shenanigans they might be up to.
In turn, the neighborhood kids took great pleasure in prank calling her and toilet papering her house on mischief night.
Mom says most of your humans probably had a Betty Kimball in their neighborhoods growing up, and there may even be a current version living near by you now.
Mom also says that if Brigitte were a human, she would be a cross between Betty Kimball and her androgynous middle school gym teacher.
Only the best qualities of both, of course.
Brigitte most certainly waddles when she walks, and she definitely likes to "stir the pot".

That being said, you may notice the twitter widget in the sidebar.
Britte's Tweets.
She is Pugbritte on Twitter, and she has no clue what she is doing. But she'll figure it out. She has signed up to follow some of you guys, and Howard Stern.
Feel free to follow her.

She says that she is 10 and she doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks , says or does.
She will tweet whatever she wants.
I told her that's fine, as long as it doesn't turn into a place to brag every time she manages to eat a poop.


  1. The great thing about Twitter is that you can tweet anything you want. And there's LOTS of pugs on Twitter, so Brigitte will fit right in. We are 2pugsinapod on Twitter, off to follow her now.

    Oh, and if she tweets about farts, there's a good chance, she'll be approved by the @fart_robot.

  2. Hi Wilma & Brigitte!

    Congrats on tweeting. The new Lion & lambie pie picture is great!

    If you don't mind me asking something on behalf of my Mom, What photo editing program did your human us to create the lion picture?


  3. I think twitter is a great place to brag. I brag there all the time. I am not sure about eating poops though...

    Okay firsts the header pic. LUV ITS!

    I am also on twitter. I don't tweet that oftens as I am not very gossipy howevers if I befriend Brigitte I may learn a thing or two that I can gossip bouts.
    I am going to locates her right nows.


  5. Love the header pic!! We aren't on twitter but our mom is and she told us that she is now following Brigitte. Mom is @cgrieze on twitter.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  6. OMG! BOL!!!

    "a cross between Betty Kimball and her androgynous middle school gym teacher"!!!

    I don't even know these people and it's funny!!!

  7. Oh I love your photos! Love the header photo. Your mom makes magic happen!
    All these words are just too funny,,,,

    i tweet tweet tweet all the time,, but not that kind of tweet. we do not know how to do any fancy stuff,,, but if I did, i would tweet with you all the time Brigitte

  8. I adore all of you pugs and this blog makes me raff out roud everyday! Thank you!

  9. "wore her lipstick far outside the boundaries of her lips" LOLLLLLLLLL!!!!

    We've known a BUNCH of Betty Kimballs in our day! Hell...I think Mom might be a Betty Kimball!

    Good job staying on the case of...well EVERYTHING Britte!!!

    Mom is too much of a Tech Tard to even attempt the Tweety thing (all that RT@bullshit/# crap gives her a melon ache) so we'll just read your important updates in your sidebar.


    Pee S. Mom wants your mom to use the word "Doots" in another blog post. She almost swallowed her own tongue laughing when you did it before!

  10. Oh Britte, you are the queen of social media! I'm not on twitter, but my mom is. Her name is nocheesepleez.

    You read that right. She doesn't like cheese. I am working on divorcing her.


  11. This tweet thing sounds like something Tuni would be know she loves the poops.


  12. well that betty kinball thing sounds very familiar to me. i thinl i will go on twitter to see what is going on with all of you.



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