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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sweater Day ~ We Do It the Stubby Way

As many of you know, today is Sweater Day.
We all know because our friend Winston Wilbur told us about it.

He made it even more important by dedicating the day to our beloved friend Stubby

Well, wouldn't you know it, after living on Arctic Tundra for the past what seems like forever, it is warm here today.
Like, in the 50's warm.

But, that is OK. We still put on our sweaters.
We put 'em on, turned OFF the heat, threw open some windows and went for a walk.

And later, when it gets freezing again...
We will turn the heat back on 3 degrees lower and keep on our sweaters.

Mom found this video from the Canadian WWF that is pretty funny.
She is trying to share it here. We are keeping our paws crossed that it works.

Click below and watch the video. Sweater Man is a riot!

In other news, I had a long talk with Mom this morning about her spending so many of the awake hours away from home at that WORK place. She has been hindering my ability to keep in touch with all my blog friends. I told her that just because she doesn't have anything exciting going on in her life, that I have a life. I need to keep up on every one's happenings and share my news as well. Unfortunately I need her thumbs, and her functioning brain in order to do that.
She promised that things will be returning to something similar to a normal routine around here, and she will be able to give me more time to post and keep up with you all. I have been reading many of your posts, but haven't been commenting so much. Mom says that'll change.
It better!

Happy Green Stubby Sweater Day everybody!


  1. Aww, such cute sweaters and what a wonderful picture!

  2. Well, aren't you 3 just a vision in your sweaters! Professional models in the making!!!

  3. Wow !!!
    You look Pawsome!
    Spongy & Licky

  4. OMG! PERFECT group sweater pic!!!! Great job guys!!!

    Mom had to borrow the weird sweater dude video! She said it looks like Ron Burgundy!


  5. You all are so cute in your sweaters! How awesome to honor sweater day to Stubby.


  6. Hello Wilma, Sluggo, and Brigitte,
    I have to say that you are model worthy in those sweaters! Your pose, your gaze at the camera, your beauty, and your puggishness is beyond adorable! So glad you saved the planet today and shared your picture with us!

  7. Hi my friends
    You are all so beautiful in your sweaters.
    And this was a cool post too honor Stubby.
    I hope your wish comes true that your mom gets more time with you.

  8. Very stylish in your sweaters. Stay warm up there! Spring's right around the corner.

  9. HI guys

    FIrst of all, WIlma you gotta give your momma some slack. Mum always tells me if I want food in the bowl and toys Mum needs to go do that things called work. Sometimes they get a little side tracked from helping us blog and that is ok.

    I did want to tell yous that all three of yous look totally pawsome in the sweaters and we luved the video of the sweater guy. Thank you for pawticipating in the tribute to Stubby and our earth.

    We have entered yous in the contest.


  10. All of you look fantastic in your sweaters! What a wonderful day to participate in. We turned down our heat for Sweater Day, too. This is certainly a very special tribute to little Stubby.

  11. hi wilma, brigitte and sluggo!
    oh my gosh!
    you look so cute in your sweaters to honor stubby!
    we love you with all of our hearts!
    m & e

  12. i didnt know stubby but i think all 3 of you look devine. you could win a beauty contest i am sure. Just the fact that all 3 of you are paying attentiopn and yes you look like heaven in those sure stubby would be proud to have known you



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