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Friday, February 11, 2011

Lots, and Lots of Valentines!!!

And according to the Opthamologist, I'll be able to see them just fine when I get back from my road trip with Roxy and Lucky.

See, before the trip, I had a visit with my eye doctor. She said everything looks good, and my eyes haven't gotten any worse since last year.
Perfect, I'll continue to see everything I need to , and I can pull the pigmenting keratitis card when I don't feel like walking down the stairs in the dark and stuff.

The best part of the trip, was a stop for secret meat.

On the way home from the vet, Mom and I had a date with the King.
The Burger King that is!

I got to have a whole burger to myself!
No sharing!

nom, nom, nom

So delicious!!!

The best part is that nobody else knows. It was just me and Mom. While the minions at home ate kibble, I feasted on M-E-A-T!

As great as it was, however, I did decide to decommission the car after that trip.
I decided that I need a more stylish ride. So a couple of days after our liaison with the King, the car bit it.
New sporty ride will be shared in a future post, once I can get my scent deep into the leather, heated seats.

Oops, just realized this isn't a very PETA friendly post, sorry. No buckets of blood please.

Anyway, like I stated in the title, Mom reports lots and lots of Valentines waiting for me and Brigitte, when we get home.
Her and Sluggo are making a Valentines tree with them.

Ours were just mailed out yesterday, so look for them to hit your mailboxes soon!

Peace out.
Wilma, the Burger Queen


  1. Congratulations on your good news from the Opthamologist! That kind of news is surely worthy of a date with the King - and a secret burger.

    It's so frustrating that us Pugs have so many eye issues. Do they stick little bits of paper in your eyes when you see the vet? That's the part I have the most. Icky!

    Love your Valentines tree. What a great way to display all your cards. And who's is that at the very tippy top of the tree? Mine! *gush*


  2. We are so glad you got our Valentine:) Hope you enjoy it!!!

    Happy Valentines Day!!
    Pugs & Kisses
    Pugsley & Lola

  3. Look's like you got alot of valentines, I have gotten a few myself, mommy is waiting till Valentines day to take a picture, then I will post it and thank everybody for letting me be there valentine.

    Hope you have a awesome weekend.


  4. You deserve every valentine you get! What a love bug! Enjoy your treats!!!

  5. Hi Wilma!
    You are one flirtatious gal to be sharing dinner with the King! How lucky you are! I loved that you had to eat in secrecy too and we promise not to tell anyone about it! Heehee!
    So glad your eyes are still doing fine and I hope you continue to have good news from the eye doctor!
    Love your Valentine's tree! Very very original!

  6. That's great news from the eye doctor! Yayz!

    Hey, we see our card on your tree! We love the tree by the ways.

    Happy Valentine's Day - may it be meat-filled.
    Pearl & Daisy

  7. OOHHH I see myself on your tree!!!!

    We're so happy to hear that your PK hasn't gotten any worse. I was diagnosed with it about a month ago and mom is all freaked out that I'm going to need a white cane and my own guide dog! She's been pretty good about squirting that goop in my eyes, so hopefully it's helping too.

    Sorry about the hoopty. We can't wait to see your new ride!!!!


  8. Hey there burger look mighty cute eating that burger! Yay for PK staying ok....Tuni battles that too and other eye issues. Hope your new ride is pawsome!!

  9. Glad to hear your eye appt. went well! Love the way your mom is displaying your cards...we keep moving ours about here so the Kiki monster can't eat them!


  10. Wilma!
    It'z IzZY!
    You crack me up.

    Josie alwayz visitz you, butt I miss you!
    (Don't tell anyone - got it)

    Now, as far as youz eyeballs - I'z am glad no further problems~

    Your tree is super cute!! Love how you displayed your cards!!

    We see you got ours!!

    We gotz pretty cards too witz puggies faces on 'dems..
    We are going to posty ours too~

    Yous hamburger looks nommy - next time I'z get my ladybug Pug costume and fly out to see you there and get a shake and some fryz -

    Laters Sister Sista,

  11. What furry good news from the eye person. And you have some awesome Valentine's cards!


  12. I am very happy to hear your PK is under control.
    And isn't it good to be back home?
    I just love your valentine tree!

  13. Good news...we like your Valentine Tree, BOL
    Benny & Lily



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