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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret Pictures From the Road

Hi everybody! Sluggo here. I've been enjoying my alone time with Mom and Dad since Wilma and Brigitte left for their road trip with Roxy.
Although, it's been more Dad than Mom time because Mom's car finally died and she has been out getting a new one for Wilma.

I don't know if she would do that though if she saw the pictures Wilma texted me from the road. But I will secretly share them with you.
Don't tell the Mom.

Wilma said this one's from when they stopped and picked up Pearl and Daisy. She said Lilo was getting ready to remove her winter coat and go skinny dipping in the jacuzzi, while she decided to put on her polka dot bikini.

Here is Brigitte bar tending. Benny and Lily  are waiting in the lounge area for their pina colada's. This snow bus in unbelievable!
 You may have to biggify to read the commentary.
Gee, I'm starting to wish I went after all.


  1. LOLLLLLLLL!!! Awesome pics!!!

    Extra bonus points for excellent capture of use of the word "jackassery"!!!!

    Great drinks (hic!) Britte!


  2. I thought what happened on the bus stayed on the bus?!?!? Oh wait, that's Vegas!! This could be a problem!! Sal's right, our parents are never going to let us all hang out again after this!!! So let's have fun while it lasts!!! =)



  3. It looks like you are having a great time!

  4. Slug, man......I am right there with ya.

    Hail, I thought they'd just be drinking fruity girl drinks!!! Didja see that PBR on the bar?!?!

  5. That's because we girls know how to plan a road trip. Fine job, Wilma on the photos and Brigitte on the drinks. Just remember, go easy on Lucky's drinks!


  6. I think there is more fun going on, than I thought was going to happen, and a little more sippin than I thought too, which to me it all spells GOOD TIME for the girls!

  7. oh how fun!
    great pictures of the trip so far!
    emmitt and i are so excited to see you on the detour to our house today!
    we have lots of mini meatloaves in luchboxes for all of us!
    thank you also for sharing your sweater vest pictures with us. sluggo is on our bloggie today!

    m & e

  8. Oh gosh, I love all the pictures - what furry fun!

  9. Sluggo, I thinks you made the right choice hanging at home, that bus looks like it is full of girls and that only means TROUBLE for us boys!




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