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Friday, October 21, 2011

Current Events ~ to include Sunflower business

Good day everyone!

I have been spending the week convalescing, and I can report that I am feeling no pain!
While there has been a lot of resting and relaxing going on, there has also been a lot of playing around. I even thought I heard the phrase "like a puppy again" being thrown around this week. I'll keep you posted with my condition when I follow up with the vet next week.

In the mean time, I have a few matters to clean up, and I will take this opportunity to take care of them. (While I have access Mom's opposable thumbs)

First off, Mom and Dad took off last weekend for the day. When they came home, they smelled of other pugs and meat! I don't think I have to explain how that sat with the home team. We were none too pleased, to say the least.

When I learned where they had been, I forgave them about the other pug thing. But, I am still pissed about the meat! I guess they stopped at some burger joint on the way home, and didn't even think of us!

 Mom and Dad gave a lift to a couple of pugs who were passing through on their way into rescue with GMPR. If you follow that link you can read more about the bonded pair. A boy and a girl, Fred and Ginger. She is totally blind, and depends on him to be her seeing eye pug. Mom says he does a hell of a job too. Here is a picture of them in the car on their way to meet their foster family.

I sure hope they find their perfect forever home soon. Mom loved that Ginger so much, she threatened to take a detour and bring them right home to live here! She said she was most impressed with how well they rode in the car. Not a peep out of them. Pfffft. Whatever!

Listen, I'm all about pugs, love 'em. I think all pugs should be treated like royalty. But all positions are filled here in my Queendom!
So, if you know of any great people who would be willing to give these two their forever home, hook 'em up with GMPR.

In other news, Sunflower news to be exact. there are a few things I need to talk about.
First, being the announcement of a new sister! If you haven't already, meet Lola.

Lola's blog A Pug's Tale by Lola is about her life in Alabama with her Mom and her boy. She also has a chihuahua brother Tucker who is a big pain. So, we have another southern belle in the club. go on over and welcome her to the funnest group of girls (mostly) around!

This brings us to my next order of business. The Sunflower Page.
You see, there was a period of time where it just disappeared. Then, Mom could see it again in the design section. When she went to add Lola to our roster, and reactivate the page, our roster was gone!
Damn you Blogger!
While we pretty much know who is in the club, Mom asked if you all wouldn't mind just leaving a comment reminding her. She plans on rewriting the list and doesn't want to miss anyone.

OK, One last thing. We have been talking about having another Spooky Sunflower Halloween Party. We figured we would have it after the actual holiday, like on the weekend of November 5th. This way, everyone will have been photographed in their costumes, and can send them to us, to be messed with for the party. What do you think? We'll keep it tentative for now, and will make an official announcement once we get your feedback.


  1. We agree mom and pops should not be sharing their attention with any other puggies
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh puh-puh-PLEASE add Natty back to the Sunflower list! She is in SERIOUS need of some girl time!

  3. Please add me, Minnie, back into the club! Such a sweet story about Fred and Ginger. We will send out puggie juju for a wonderful forever home for them!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  4. My paws are crossed that Fred and Ginger find the perfect home for them ASAP! And Wilma, I'm so glad you are still feeling great! The Halloween fun the first week of November sound good to me, and please make sure to add me to the roster list...yes, curse that Blogger! Have a wonderful weekend, Wilma, Brigitte, and Sluggo!

  5. We are glad to hear that "like a puppy" is being used!

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Fred & Ginger are angels & I hope they find their furever home soon!

  7. Wilma you have the Bestest ideas! Cannot wait for the Sunflower Halloween PAWty!!! And yes, I am a proud member of the Sundflower Club!
    Love Noodles

  8. Fred and Ginger are adorable!!! Please, please, please add me to the Sunflower Club list!!! I so want to a member.



  9. glad wilma is feeling frisky! and how useful is a 'seeing eye' pug? my three would just end up leading her over and over again to the treat jar.

  10. AWWW ... Fred and Ginger are so sweet! I hope they find their forever home soon! Zoe and Liberty are both members of the Sunflower Club!

  11. First, Wilma, we are glad you are back to yourself again.
    Second, Ginger looks so much like Isabelle. She was Quincy's seeing eye pug. He was her ears. She's done pretty well without him even though her eyes are going, too.
    Third, count us in on the Sunflower page and the party! Only Tallulah and Petunia will be in costume, Isabelle is far too dignified for that.

  12. Wilma we are glad to hear you are doing good. Cute picture of you 3 in your matching beds. Welcome sweet Lola sunflower gal. We are super excited for the Halloween bash!

    Sequoia Tuni Emma

  13. Hi Wilma
    I was getting a little worried - not hearing from all of you. So of course,, yeaaa your back.
    Yes-- Tweedles is a member of the Sunflower Club, so add my name- okay?
    Fred and Ginger look so sweet, I hope they find a forever home soon.
    I am happy to hear you are feeling better Wilma!
    And the Haloween party- sounds perfect,

  14. Oh my, I came to read about Wilma, Fred and Ginger and then I scrolled down and saw Moi! My brilliant, and I use that term lightly today, Mommy didn't even have a clue, she actually said "Lola, come and look, this puggy looks just like you!". The really sad thing is she was dead serious until she realized it WAS me. She blamed it on the pain meds...I'm not so sure I'm ready to give her that excuse.
    That Fred is a real hero for being Ginger's eyes!
    Glad your doing well Wilma and thanks for sharing my photo and the warm welcome from everyone!

  15. Hi Wilma. We hope Fred and Ginger find a wonderful forever home soon as well. Sorry we haven't been around as much, the last two months have been really tough for mom at work, so of course we suffer! Typical.

    Roxy & Lucky
    Two of your Sunflower Sisters

  16. hi wilma!
    oh we are sooooo happy you are feeling so good!
    we have been thinking about all of you!
    fred and ginger are so lucky to have your mom and dad helping them!
    you have very special pawrents you know!
    archie barchie knows he cannot be an official sunflower but he wants you all to know he is your biggest fan and admires all you you beeeutiful floweeees from afar.

    a & m

  17. Aww, they are soo cute! We hope they find the perfect home real soon!

    P.S. Don't forget to stop by our blog THIS week and enter the "name game" contest I'm hosting (for my newest guide dog puppy) - it only takes a few seconds to do... and you may end up being the winner!

  18. Wilma, happy tot hear you got your game back. Please make sure we (Gen & the Foo) are listed as pround Sunflower Sisters! As you may know, We made some extra room for foster pug. We're teaching Ruby how to be a regular pug since she grew up in a puppy mill. Can you please make her a Sunflower Sister too? She might not stay with us forever, but she'll always be our sister.



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