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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Rumors are True, I Was Parade Marshal!

What's that Brigitte? Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman was the parade marshal?! I don't think so!

Was she the only one up on the back of the float (read pick up truck) waving at thousands of fans? Uh, no.

Were the paparazzi snapping photos of her, along with children of all ages oohing and aaahing?
I didn't see it.

So, yeah, we were all feeling pretty good on Saturday, and had been suffering from some serious cabin fever after all the quarantines, and feeling mopey.
The annual Park Road Parade
was this past Saturday, and we had been planning our costumes for months! There was no way we were missing it, not even if was pouring rain! Which it pretty much was right up to march time.
However, the skies cleared and the rain stopped just in time for The Wizard of Oz pugs to take center stage!

Kinda, sorta clockwise from left to right ~ Brigitte woo, woo, wooing as Glenda the Good Witch, Moi, as none other than Dorothy, who else? Duke (Brigitte's bf as the Tin Man, Max, Murphy and Dukes foster bro as Toto. Murphy as the Scarecrow, and naturally we have Sluggo "playing the part" of the Cowardly Lion.

We had loads of fun, and we won the costume contest hands down!
Here are some more pictures...

 Sluggo and Britte

This little girls booties lit up. Later on, Britte went over and introduced herself as half a chihuahua!

My main squeeze Murphy, it was so great to see him.
 Brigitte and The Duke of Whirl
This is Tippy, the 3 legged pug. Her human bro was a cowboy too.
Her Momma was a foster failure after she was brought to her animal hospital after an accident to be, well,  you know. She was a real spit fire.

Shark attack!
"I'll get you my pretty...and your little dog too!!!"

 Hank, the new guy, he's 10 months

 Tippy again, making friends with Keke

 "Somewhere over the,la,la"
There wasn"t really a rainbow, this is one Dad saw last week!

Me, before I joined the crowd

 Brigitte, before she lost her crown

Sluggo, who surprisingly tolerated his costume pretty well.

Me and Britte

Here was my view, see, Dad pushing Brigitte? And that's Sam, Sluggo's foster mom walking with him.
After, we got to go the The Corner Pug for lunch and celebrate with our prize winnings!

Brigitte, with her bestie, Cella.

Tippy, waiting patiently for her family to finish lunch. Not sure she was all pug?

We all had a super fun time, and can't wait to do it again. This weekend is the PRONE Pug Social. We are hoping to make it to that too.

Oh, and by the way, is anyone getting some lame message about filling up you free space on Picassa? I want to make my Dorothy picture my header, and Google wants me to pay for a membership for more space! What's up with that?!


  1. Doh, Mom wasn't supposed to post this til later tonight. If you haven't read my previous post Wednesday friends words of wisdom, please take a moment to do it. Payton guest posted this week, and it shouldn't be missed.
    Remember, all are invited to submit a guest post for any Wednesday. I am really enjoying gathering up some additional wisdom from my friends, and sharing it with you all. Us pugs are all pretty wise! ( you don't just have to be a pug either, anyone can share!)

  2. oh man, i cant decide who looks the cutest in their costume! i love them all! and i love seeing a three legged pug, i have one, but she is missing one of the front ones!

  3. Love the pics of everyone in their costumes!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  4. Gosh what fun times! I am so happy you all got to go! The costumes are terrific!
    I love them all, and the lion really looks like a lion! SCARY! Good times seeing all the cutie pies.
    We have not seen the message yet,,, from Google now what!

  5. LOL, we believe you, you were the best parade marshall. Moms just jealous
    Benny & Lily

  6. This is such a fun post, Wilma! I'm not sure what made me smile more, your pig-tails or Sluggo in his lion costume...totally seems to fit him! Your pug of Oz posse totally deserved the win. Did you get a prize?

  7. Congratulations miss Wilma! The gang looks really cute in their costumes.

  8. Everyone looked awesome in their costumes! So glad it stopped raining in time for your parade. Your witch would have melted!

  9. 'playing the part' of the cowardly lion :) congrats on the costume contest win -- looks like you all had some stiff competition!

  10. You guys look AMAZING in your costumes & I'm so happy you won (as if there was any debate that you would)...

    Have fun at the PRoNE social-if you see Sorella Mozzarella Pug & her mom, give them a puggy kiss from me xoxo

  11. Super costumes!!!!
    Love Noodles

  12. Hi Wilma
    I am just dropping by to make sure your all okay.
    I am thinking of all of you

  13. You family is so awesome. We are all so impressed with you.




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