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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can I Get a Upgrade? A Upgrade?

Looks like something spooked Sluggo. Perhaps a ghost? Goblin? What's that Brigitte? It was his shadow? No surprises there!

Hi everybody! Lot's to catch up on once again, being that it took Mom over a week to help me post! You think I can get an ad into tomorrows help wanted section in by press time?

First of all, it's a go for our Sunflower Halloween Party next weekend. Details to follow. Feel free to send along your costume pictures. Looks like I may have to sub contract that whole Sunflower Sisters roster too, come to think of it. Hmph!

Now, I have to address the weather. It's just too freaky not to. Check the view out the car window yesterday on my way to visit my Dr Ericson for my follow up...

Yup, those are autumn leaves on the trees, AND snow on the ground! (those little dots are my cow friends, I bet their hooves are cold!)

Now they are saying there is a big Nor'easter on it's way! They even gave it a name. Alfred.
I say this is all crazy talk. Maybe these forecasters are on some of my pain meds.

Speaking of which, I did make it to the Vet and my news is great. My reflexes were perfect, and there was just a tiny tight spot in my back. So I had another acupuncture treatment, and a nice visit with the staff. Dr Ericson was very complimentary to me (always is) and mentioned how good I was being for my treatment. So, then Mom goes and tells her how I have been being extra sweet and tender at home too.
Well, I had to rectify that situation, and fast. Lest people think I am softening.
On the way home, while Mom was driving, I decided to squirm out of my harness and jump down on the floor, out of reach of Mom!

That's me, stuck behind the drivers seat!

Mom was not happy. She pulled over and was using lots of HBO words.

Here I am after the fact. Bad Dog Card back in good standing!

Think I'll close here. I've got more intel, but I think it deserves a separate post. So, stay tuned, I may actually post two days in a row. Even if I have to do it myself!


  1. Hey Wilma! I'm really looking forward to the Sunflower party! I'll make sure to get you my pics asap. I'm also really glad that you are still feeling better AND giving your mom heck! The photo of you back on the seat with your Bad Dog Card is one of my new favorites of way your mom will be mad at your shenanigans with all that cuteness going on!
    PS. CRAZY to hear about the snow!!

  2. Hi Wilma
    You made our whole day- just to hear from you.
    Oh yes, I will be at the Sunflower Halloween party for sure. I will send my picture too.
    You are quite slippery to get out of your harness and get stuck.
    Coming out of a harness, is one of moms worst fears.
    We are happy you are feeling so better!

  3. LMAO at Sluggo!

    Wilma, honey....looks like me an' you are cut from the same cloth. I like tuh git down on the car floor, too! An' mom uses a few HBO words when I do it. Tee hee!

  4. OMG...look at Sluggy Bee all cracked out! LOL!!!!

    Wilma...I'm glad that you're feeling better and that your acupuncture appointments are helping. Nice job being a D*C# on the way home! HAHAHAHAHAA!

    I'll be at the Sunflower sounds FABULOUS! I can spin tunes and tend bar if you like!


  5. Great action shot Sluggo even if you did have to get super scared to get that great photo.

    Wilma, yay for acupuncture working. It sounds scary (maybe hearing about it is what scared Sluggo?) but Mommy loves the acupuncture, too.

    Happy weekend!
    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

    Pee-ess: Our captcha today is "torked" - we think that refers to the first picture of Sluggo

  6. we sure are glad the doc puncture procedures are working for you
    Benny & Lily

  7. Miss Wilmas,
    Don't forget to add us back to the Sunflower Roster...
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Sisters

  8. Great action shot!

    Stop on by for a visit

  9. laura jean says you are all adorable, no matter what you do.
    nana gail



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