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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom~ Early Edition, Because I Can

"Sometimes you gotta get your theater geek on if you wanna get a little extra me time"

Hi peeps! I know I've still been a little scarce around blogville, but it has been very time consuming baffling the humans with my random symptoms.
My theatrics did succeed in getting me two full days of me time with Mom. I got to go everywhere she went.

Yesterday, Mom had to go into work to do some paperwork. There were no students there, so I got to tag along. Mom wanted to keep me close by because I spent an hour and a half in the middle of the night before shifting around in the bed.

Here I am checking the chair height for compliance with OSHA guidelines.
A little hard on the butt.

I got to meet Mr Kinn. He said I could call him Manny.

I wasn't very impressed that there wasn't a proper dog resting place, but I made do.

After leaving the office, we stopped at Homey Dee's

I wasn't cool with being stuck in the carriage, so Mom had to let me down.

Next stop Petsmart.
Got me a nice new soft bed!

I was having such a great time hanging out with Mom yesterday, that I forgot to act like I was having any problems. So I made up for it last night. While we were hanging out, I stood up and let out a couple of big screams, and lurched forward. I got Mom to hold me gently for so long that she said her hand fell asleep. (By the way, you have to have real conviction to pull this off. I almost started to feel bad about how scared Mom and Dad were getting)

I checked Moms calender this morning and saw that Brigitte had her acupuncture appointment today with Dr Ericson. I really wanted to keep hanging out with Mom, so I put on another episode. What I didn't realise was that Mom had already switched it to be for me.
Here we are at my last visit.

 I decided to have another episode when Mom tried to lift up my bum like she did this morning, just so the Doc could see my stellar performance.
 Mom was telling Dr Ericson all about what has been happening with me, and as soon as she put her hands on me, she could feel something was wrong. My mid back was very tight, and my reflexes in my hind end were a little sluggish. with a little more assessment, and conversation about the intermittent nature of my screaming episodes, (I tried to tell them I was making audition tapes for Bad Girls Club, but they wouldn't listen) Dr. Ericson is pretty convinced I am having some "intervertabral degenerative disc disease". Some nonsense about this happening with aging sometimes. Ugh!
So, the plan for me right now is, start the anti-inflammatory meds again, add pepsid for my tummy, and muscle relaxers to get me over this hump.

I got a nice acupuncture treatment, and I felt a lot better right away.

Note from Mom:
Wilma likes to make light of her situation, but we really have been struggling with trying to figure out what has been going on with her.
When her Dad brought her into our regular vet last week, they had us give her a little metacam (anti-inflammatory) for a few days. Wilma seemed to feel a little better with that, but I stopped giving it on Sunday as they didn't want her on it long term, and so her symptoms weren't being masked. So it made sense that something musculoskelatal was going on as her discomfort resumed without the meds. As much as I don't want to see Wilma have any problems with her back, I am hoping this is the problem so that we can implement an appropriate treatment plan.
In the mean time, we will try and keep things light and fluffy, just the way she likes it. I know sometimes stuff happens with these dogs, and we appreciate the hell out of all of your support, but we need things to go back to something similar to normal around here.


  1. Wil, I just don't like any of this. Thinking about you being in pain does not make me one bit happy.

    My momma is sending hugs to your 'rents. We can absolutely relate to the way that issues like this dominate your thoughts and tie your stomach in knots. It's so hard to worry about, advocate for, and act on behalf of our pets. That's what momma says, at least.

    Wishing you relief, dear friend. We are here for you, no matter how active you are on the bloggy. Don't you even worry about that.


  2. dear wilma and mom!
    we are sending you big *gentle* hugs!

    she is so lucky to have you!

    i know the acupunture will help!

    emmitt had arthritis in his back that we helped him out with with massage, glucosmine and Deramaxx too which did not hurt his tummy.

    i will keep checking in on all of you!


  3. Wilma - share your pain Sistah! I am young and able to handle some of it.
    Seriously, take care, listen to the AUTHORITIES (Mom, Dad, Vet) ANd take it easy. We want you HEAlthy real soon.
    Love Noodles

  4. Oh, Wilma! You must get better soon, you hear?!? Ditto what Pearl said! Back pain is no fun at all. I had a bulging disk once and the pain was so bad I ALMOST didn't want to eat. Luckily it corrected itself, but I haven't been allowed on the furniture (or stairs) since. We will be praying for you, your parents, and the doctors.

  5. Oh man Wilma!!! Mom has been so slacky on the blogs lately, we didn't realize that you were feeling so crappy! I hope the doctors get you feeling better soon! Maybe Britte is spiking your food with shots of vodka just to throw everyone off???

    Mom LOL'd when you got to meet Manny Kinn! He has relatives at the mall that stand in windows with POLES up their butts!!!! Can you believe that???? Crazy.

    Dude....Mom didn't know they allow Pugs in Homey Dees!!!! Mom freakin LIVES there and leaves my PugButt in the car (when it's cool outside!).

    Keep us posted!


  6. Poor Wilma! So sorry to hear about your pain, sweet pea. I hope the meds help you feel good as new!

  7. Hope the drugs are some good stuff, Wilma. Getting older plain old stinks. We know what you mean about keeping it light, but that doesn't stop anyone from worrying about you. All of you.
    PS, Isabelle had her first acupuncture Saturday with another session this Saturday. Hopefully, she'll learn to like it like you do.

  8. Willy Wilma oh girl we are in the same boat. My leggies are giving out and I got me some anti-inflammatory s too. Maybe I should put together a group of grumpy old lady pugs, no? I hope your new treatments help. Sometimes I scream at night only once and then back to sleep. its just to keep mom on her toes too.

    Many hugs Wilma

    Tuni Woons

  9. Dear Wilma and mom.
    First of all we are rooting for you to get better Wilma. To find some relief so you can have some fun.
    So many of us have delt with this type of issue, so we understand how frustrated your pawrents are.
    All of us are banding together,. in a circle of love- for all of you. We are here for your and your pawrents.
    Sending bubbles of healing to sweet Wilma

  10. poor wilma. poor worried pugparents. hope the metacam does the trick, and she's feeling better in no time!

    ps. that is one happy pug at petsmart :)

  11. Ok, well the screaming and pain stuff just sucks. No way around that. Butt the special treatment? Oh yeah baby. Wonder if I could con my way into going to work with Dad?... I'm with you that it does seem musculoskeletal. All I know is that I got my nails cut last night and I sure could have used one of your muscle relaxers. Mom was tempted to get out the Benadryl!


  12. oh wilma did you know that you had a real live great great uncle manny who was married to your great great aunt doris who passed on a few years ago at age of 91 almost 92 by the way she was a red sox fan like me



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