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Saturday, December 10, 2011

And Now, I Will Tell You About My Meals

Hi People! You may remember a couple months back, I asked for some help in the what do you get fed category. Well, we all took into consideration all of your suggestions, which were very helpful thank you, and made some changes.

After narrowing it down to either fully home cooked meals (which is where my vote was cast) and Honest Kitchen Preference with your own choice of protein added, the latter was implemented.

Now, I asked Mom not to go into all the minutia about high quality ingredients, and how the food is produced in human grade kitchens, not dog food factories, and cut straight to the chase. These new meals are freakin' terrific!

It starts with the base mix.

It comes dehydrated and needs to be re-hydrated by adding water. That part nearly kills us! But, while that is happening, Mom prepares all of our add ins. From the left in the picture above...
  • pro enzymes, for healthy bellies
  • Dasaquin for me and Britte's joints
  • Four Marvels for Brigitte"s pee (Chinese herb)
  • Metacam 1/2 dose for Brigitte for her hand, and me right now for my orb and back
  • Tryxin - more stuff for the joints
  • Omega Fish Oils (for the breath!)
OK, now for the most excellent part of all!

Not just any meat either. It's buffalo, made into little mini meatloaves.

We like to call them Britteloaves.
They have non fat cottage cheese, and eggs too!!!!!
Mom made a weeks worth last night. Boy did the house smell heavenly.
*note from mom, they totally do not smell heavenly. They make me want to gag and vomit all over the kitchen every time I make them. But, anything for the little tyrant and her crew*

So at what adds up to be a few bucks a meal per pug, I saw Dad ordering this for Mom's stocking last night...

*additional note from mom I really didn't do the math on the per serving cost, but even if it is a little more than their old food, it is totally worth it*

So, as mentioned in prior posts, we are really digging the new grub. We're soft, energetic, not any butt juice or wheelchair races.

(see wheel chair races)

And our poop is fantastic! So great in fact, that Brigitte is going to all new lengths to run it through again! Butt, we'll save that for another post (or not)
Sorry Grammy for the poop reference. I figured since it made it into the Christmas Newsletter this year, poop was off the restricted list ;-)


  1. First of all, I'm glad your poops are so good. And secondly, I am so, so, jealous you get buffalo AND cottage cheese. I'm lobbying my mom to start feeding me this every day! - Douglas

  2. So happy your poop is fantastic!!

    Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for the update- I am happy for you!
    But, I saw something very familiar- I see those blue gloves like my mom has. I see those fingers getting ready to "squeeze something" like my mom does.
    I have a feeling your mom does the same thing my moms does!

  4. those meals look so yummy!

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. I'm so glad you have a new meal that is working for you guys. My human also prepares my meals and I love them so much. She gives me raw meat, bones and veggies. The rescue group started us on it and my human says she's amazed how it keeps our poopies from smelling.

  6. Good poops? You can't ask for more than that Wilma! Those mini loaves sure look good to me.

  7. hey wilma, you are eating better than your old nana,AND Someone like your mom is cooking it. so i see have some gratefulness in your little heart. Im so glad your POOPS are o.k.
    That meat looked so good, i think ill come to your house and eat your food.

  8. Hi Wilma!
    I am happy that you have found a food that suits you and is good for you it’s so good to have your Human waiting on you, it’s like being in a Pug restaurant every day! I’m glad that your poop is fantastic! On my diet my Mum says that my poops are harder and easy to pick up! Which for her is really good and something to get excited about! I don’t have anal issues but I do wheelchair race a lot and everyone says its worms but I get wormed very frequently and the vet says I just like doing it! Oh my goodness Brigitte going to all new lengths to run it through again, really Brig???!!!! Love, Licks and Phugs Frank xxxxxxxx

  9. Hehee! Wilma, you are a riot! Oh, that Honest Kitchen is yummy! But I'm starting to think that I'm getting jipped with the Zeal (white fish) when my mom could be making ME buffalo meatloaves!

  10. bwaa haaa! there is NOTHing worse than devious trying to re-digest her poop.

  11. What is it with our pawrents and poop??? Our mama is always checking our poop, too.

  12. Ummm, you had mom until you mentioned Brigitte running the poop through again. Then you lost her.
    Lucky pugs, enjoy.


  13. When Christy starts preparing Payton's meals it's time for Gampy to disappear, I can only imagine the smell coming out of that oven! Yuck! Still, it's for a good reason, I guess.......


  14. And thank you Wilma for the butticure shot. They could make a horror movie about that. Glad your poop is better.

    Lordy mercy you pups have some fine dining. Mom throws me some kibble and expects me to be excited. Hmpf!




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