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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sluggy Bee's Bedtime Initiative

Hi friends! Sluggo at the helm today. I figured while Mom was busy taking Wilma to yet another vet visit, I would take this chance to fill you all in a a new campaign I've initiated here in the household. Before I start, I will let you know that I heard Dad on the phone, and Wil got a good report on her eye. I'll let her tell you about it though. Notice me laying with my new Christmas lambie? I got him because I have been very good, and haven't attacked anyone who gets too close. I got to have one upstairs lambie, and one downstairs lambie returned to me over the past few weeks. Now I have three whole lambies to pal around with. I wonder if I am good, if I will be able to rebuild my empire?

Now on to the subject at hand. Some have been known to refer to me as a somewhat simple pug. One who might enjoy a ride on the short bus to school. I'm here to tell you, let 'em talk. Makes it easier for me to roll out my whole new night time routine without a hitch. See, I've got these suckers eating right out of my paw. Or should I say they have me eating right out of a bowl, THREE times a day!

Yup, that's right. I, and I alone am now getting a third meal at night. They call it my HS snack. (That's nursing lingo for Hour of Sleep) It's a whole big thing. Usually Dad goes up to bed with the girls, and Mom stays downstairs and issues me a tasty night time snack. What's even better, is that there is a variety of choices for me. Sometimes it's a little yogurt and banana, or yogurt and cookie. One night I got mashed up banana and a cookie.

All's I had to do the implement this heavenly event was puke up a little bile in the morning. Seems if I go too long without food, my belly gets a little tumbly. All I have to say, is yay me!
It's so tasty, I've been known to chase it right under the jelly cabinet

OK, so now onto part deux (that's French for two, see, I am smart) of my Initiative. 

"One family, one bedtime"

That's right, if four of the five pack members are in bed, it is unacceptable for the fifth to be anywhere else. Come one, come all!

The parents aren't convinced that this last part isn't just another manifestation of my OCD.
The deal is, that a couple of nights this week, Dad stayed downstairs when we all went up to bed. I didn't like this at all. So I jumped down and ran to get him. When he brought me back to bed and closed the door, I sat at the foot of the stairs and cried. Clearly, this caused Dad to get to bed immediately. Mission accomplished. Mom thinks it is because I think Dad is one of my lambies. A bedtime buddy so to speak. Usually it's Mom that stays up later, and I follow Dad straight to bed. I love the bed. I'm OK with Mom coming up whenever. So you see, Dad = lambie.


  1. Slugger Bee, intricate and impressive! I'm also glad Wilma got a good report!


  2. OMP Sluggo... I do the same things!!!!! If we aren't all upstairs down I go until we are assembled as a pack ready to bed down. Mum thinks it is cuz I view the family unit as a pack.

    Anyway I am totally on board with the puking thingy. I am gonna try it tonights to see if I can score a 3rd meal a day. Thanks for passing on the tip!


  3. work it, work have him trained well
    Benny & Lily

  4. You certainly rule the roost!


  5. You are very wise Sluggo. I am envious of your bed time snack but I shouldn't complain too much because I do get 3 meals a day. I used to want everyone in bed but now sometimes I just go to bed by myself.

  6. Hi Sluggo
    Good job on training your peeps what you want or need.
    I get three meals a day since I was born.
    And I get nanna and yogurt too,,, it does make a tummy feel good- doesn't it!
    Keep training your peeps- you need more lamies too.

  7. Sluggo, you are simply brilliant. I would say a genius, even. Keep up the good work and as for all those that say you are simple, they're jealous!


  8. Atta boy, Sluggo! Keep those parents under your thumb--and make them think they're in control! You could teach humans a thing or two about people management.


  9. Way to go Sluggo

    Stop on by for a visit

  10. You might be onto something here for getting a HS snack. We might have to implement a plan ourselves. Thanks for the idea!

    Happy Howl-idays!

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  11. aaahhh... sluggo is clearly an devious genius. love that he needs to herd his dad to bed like a sheep!

  12. you seem to have it all figured out sluggo.IT DOES SOUND TO ME THAT YOU ARE EATING RIGHT OUT OF THAT BOWL LIKE YOU WANTED.i GUESS YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT a man's got to do, and you do know how to play it.



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