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Friday, December 2, 2011

Brigitte's Got Spring In Her Step!

But much like a cow, she ain't got no down gene.

Ever since we started our new diet, to include Honest Kitchen Preference and home cooked buffalo, Britte has been feelin' fine! Actually we are feeling pretty great, but I'll save that for another post.

Today I just wanted to show you how Brigitte climbs up onto the arm of the couch whenever she hears anyone around in the kitchen. You see, now instead of asking to be placed on the couch, she just flings herself up there. However, she still knows better than to jump down because it will hurt her bum foot.

That leaves her in quite a pickle when it comes to optimizing her chances at slurping up any errant crumbs that make their way to the kitchen floor. I think next she may just resort to climbing down onto the end table to get a peek around the corner!


  1. That is quite the quandary Brig put herself in...on one hand she has a great view, but if you can't be there to beg or catch crumbs, what good is it?!? Hank was on an armrest just like that the first time I met him. It was a site to see! Glad you are enjoying your new foods. Have a fun weekend!

  2. Brigette, you are just the cutest thing!

    I am so glad your new diet is making you feel so good! I have the opposite problem... often get denied when jumping onto the couch. Just can't QUITE make it high enough. But come down just fine! We could help each other out!!!

  3. Hi Wilma
    Nothing like good food to make your world right, huh?
    Love Noodles

  4. I am so glad your new food it making your feel better Brigitte, don't worry you will soon figure out how to see what's going on and be there for the droppings.

  5. Dear Brigitte, this is your good pal Howie. Welcome to the professional perch napper clubb. I hope you look down your nosey at everyone, and fart at eye level, and are takin advantage of all the perks of having your PPN designation.

  6. WE love honest kitchen too and include it in our rotation diet along with grain free kibbles

  7. Brigitte, you look so cute up there! Good for you, knowing not to jump down... maybe someone will bring a crumb to you??
    P.S. We just watched Sluggo's santa video - so pawesome. And Sluggo, I love my lambies too, and always have a favourite. I am impressed that you have a core group that you look after. :)

  8. Hi Wilma, I'm glad that you are all feeling better on your new diet, what does this diet consist of? I have just learned unfortunately that I must be put on a diet, but will tell you more about that on my blog tomoz! Let's just say I'm not a happy puppy here! I love that Brig' is feeling so good with a spring in her step to sprung on to the sofa, she sure looks good and so cute! Maybe soon she will find an easy way down from her kitchen viewing post! Love, Licks and Phugs Frank x x x x x

  9. britte just wants to do acrobats wilma.she wants to see what is going on at a different level. In other words she doesnt want to miss anything. Cant blame her especially when it deals with crumbs and all.

  10. yay britte!
    that is such fabulous news!
    i am so glad the new food is making such a wonderful differnce!

  11. Hi! You are so cute on that perch on the arm rest. But you need to figure out someway to get down to get to those errant crumbs!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  12. HI BRITTE!
    I am so happy the food is making you feel like a new puggy. Being able to jump up to the arm rest is awsome! Be careful not to get too carried away and try to fly or something!

  13. Glad she is making sure not to reinjure herself

    Stop on by for a visit



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