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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanks Mom For Giving Me Some of Your Precious Time to Blog

Hi friends. Apologies for the gap in posts. Not my wish, but you know these humans, busy, busy, busy. I do think I may have come up with a way to keep them around instead of going to that work place. I mean after all, they are MY full time employees, and I do not endorse moonlighting.

Here's the deal, my right lower eyelid  has been drooping recently. The parents were thinking since I have recently had a quick weight loss on my new food, that maybe my wrinkles were sagging. Yeah, well thank god they don't trust their own logic, who knows where I'd be if that were the case.

It was time for my 6 month ophthalmologist appointment, so Mom whisked me off to see her yesterday afternoon. Turns out I have an ulcer on my beautiful Egyptian eye. The meds I am taking for my Pigmenting Keratitis, in addition to the pain/anti-inflammatory meds for my back were masking my symptoms.

I have new medicine for my eye, and will keep you abreast of any changes, but I plan a full recovery. Of course, I am using this event to make my parents feel guilty for moonlighting. I don't advocate self injurious behavior to manipulate the parents, but it definitely works to my benefit when it does happen.

Now, for some really great news!

Remember Henry?
He has gotten they greatest gift of all for Christmas.
A new family!!!
That's right, he barely spent any time in foster care before his new Mom, a PRoNE volunteer, fell instantly in love with him. A true testament to how special he really is. We all know how difficult it can be for special needs pugs to find their forever homes. He even gets a new brother named Roman. He is a real looker too.
So happy for you buddy!!!

Ta ta for now from the couch. You should have seen Mom and Dad switching couches between the livvy and the den. What a train wreck!
We are enjoying the extra room to all flop in front of the fire together though.


  1. Awwww you guys look so cute!


  2. Hi Wilma! That first picture of you is to die for! Way to work the camera, girlfriend! Sorry to hear about your eye. Hope it gets better very soon. And Yay for Henry! Such good news! Enjoy the couch.

  3. Hi Wilma! I'm so sorry to hear about your eye, I hope that you feel better real soon but until then your parents should be spoiling you with lots of toys, treats and loving attention! The last photo of you all on the sofa is so very cute, I like how you all have your own cuddle spots, do you ever all snuggle up together in one sleepy Pug pile?? I have a huge couch like that all to myself and it gets a bit lonely if Mum, Dad or one of my friends isn't here with me! Such good news about Henry getting a new home!! Love, Licks and PHUGS to you all, Frank x x x x x x

  4. Hi Wilma,
    Oh no, not your orb! I hope it gets better fast!


  5. I am sorry about your eye Wilma but very glad your humans didn't listen to themselves and got you to the dr. so it can all be fixed soon. When will they ever learn they are just not as smart as they think they are? I have to remind Mom of this daily.

  6. Wilma, get well real soon!!

    Hooray for Henry!!


  7. Hi Wilma!

    Sorry to hear about your eyeball.
    I bet it will be healed up in no time.
    We're so happy to hear that Henry found
    his forever home!

    Hope you have a great week!

    -Dana, Daisy and Bruce

  8. OMP! We know Roman and his mom from! Yay for Henry!

    Get better soon, Wilma. But lord it over your peeps for a while. It's always best to keep them hopping.

  9. Wilma hope that eye gets better need those sexy eyes to make people melt and do everything you need!

    Tuni Woons

  10. We are sorry to hear about your eye, glad that you have medication for it and want you to feel better, fast. We are super thrilled Henry found a loving forever home. We love good news. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hope that eye gets better soon. What great news for Henry
    Benny & Lily

  12. OH NO! your poor eyeball! thank goodness you're getting it taken care of -- you work it, sistah, for as much as you can get!

  13. Your poor eye :(

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Oh Wilma
    I know that eye medicine will make your eye all better! Thank goodness for good doctors- right?
    And I am so happy for Henry- what a wonderful pressy for him to have a forever home!
    I love the photo of you three puggie wuggues on the couch!

  15. So sorry about your orb lid Wilma, but I'm glad your humans have something to fix it now. I hope it's not too tough to take the eye medicine. I'm thinking juju thoughts your way.

  16. oh, wilma nana was so happy to see some news. i look forward to all your messages on how you all are doing. i hope your eye gets better real fast. Give your moma and pop some extra loving for all they do for you. IM AM THRILLED FOR HENRY TOO.



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