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Thursday, November 18, 2010

flexi Retractable Cord Leash ~ a review

Hi everybody, it's me Sluggo. A few weeks ago, Mom was contacted by a person from the flexi company to see if she would like to review a leash from them. Now as you may recall, Mom has been trying to figure out what to do/use to keep me from being so chokey on walks. I am a big puller, and when I do, I practically choke myself to death. Very distressing. See, we three pugs are not trustworthy enough to roam around off leash on walks like some dogs are. Especially if there is only one parent. So Mom said sure, she'll check it out.

Here I am inspecting the leash when it came in the mail.

Brigitte wanted to know why she didn't get to review the new leash. I explained that it was because she mostly gets carried in the baby sling or pushed in the stroller. She said she didn't care. It wasn't her idea to be carried, she loves to walk. Then I reminded her how her bum foot bothers her when she overdoes it. She asked, "what about the queen? Isn't she gonna be ticked off that she isn't the tester?" sure I said, but before we were around, Mom and Dad spent a bunch of money on obedience lessons, and walking on the leash is one of the few things she will actually do well from those lessons. So I was the guinea pug.

We have been testing this thing out on walks, and we give it a B+. Because she is so used to using a 6 foot lead, adjusting to the retractable leash took Mom a little time. The best thing about it, is that I am totally less chokey. The leash let's me explore the area without such restrictive boundaries. Now, they tell you not to walk more than one dog at a time when using the the leash. But, unless Dad is with us, this is not an option. I would have to be left alone during Wilma and Brigitte's walk or we each would have to go separately. I don't do well with being alone. In fact, it's never happened. I am sure I would have to just freak out.

Anyway, like I said, I get to expend more energy running back and forth, while Wilma stays nice and leisurely. So that is a plus.

Or we could all stay together...

One thing we haven't checked is how it would be in a neighborhood with sidewalks. See our street is very quiet, and we just walk down the middle. When I get to close to someone's yard (I like to pee everywhere) Mom can just walk further out in the road. I don't think it would do well in crowds, but that isn't recommended. I'm sure many of you have been involved in one of those doggy maypoles when you are around bunch of other leashed dogs.
There are also some safety precautions, watch your fingers, the leash could also snap back if not properly used. But if you follow the guidelines and take care when using it, it's a pretty good leash. Mom said she will keep using it with me for walks around home and on hikes. Thanks flexi.

How about you guys, do you use a regular or retractable leash? Or are you one of those good dogs who gets to walk unencumbered by such restrictive restraints


  1. We use flexes too but don't forget Lily's snapped and she darted after a motorcycle. They are also wearing out very fast
    Benny & Lily

  2. I don't use a flexi anymore because I've heard too many horror stories about them breaking, and we live in such a busy city. It's too bad, though, because Klausie really LOVED to get wild on the end of his when he was a pup. I wish I could let him have more room to roam, but it just doesn't make sense in the city. Have fun with it, but be careful! :)

  3. We use a standard leash with a Y extension. When Coco first came along we had retractables, and let me tell you it was a hot mess. Tangles every two steps. Plus the worry of pulling them back as cars passed. The Y leash has worked wonders. Kitty can sort of put in the muscle if Coco is getting slow, and they love it. It also helps us all walk faster much to kitty's pleasure b/c we are not having to stop to untangle or pull Coco back on the path.

  4. You sure were lucky to get to "test drive" that leash! We use the retracable ones when we are way out in the middle of nowhere or if we are only walking alone (which is not very often). Just be careful, and don't get it wrapped around anyones legs, some hurt!

  5. We use regulars and maypole frequently...if allowed to (even though they aren't), Toby and Lily and possibly Mimi could be free-leashed.
    Much luvums to you Sluggo,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  6. When we were tiny, mom had retractable leashes for us. We tangled constantly, and she had to hold one in each hand. Then we were at a pug meet up and another pug on a retractable wrapped around mom's legs, and it cut her legs bad. Left a scar on one leg. So no more retractables for us.
    Mom prefers the fabric ones with the kind of strap that she can put her hand through and wrap around her wrist. But that's us. What ever works for you!

  7. Hi Wilma
    It was very generous for Flexi to let you try the leash.
    I do have one,, but it is only used in certain places,,, like my yard, or if I go down our country road. My moms are afraid it would snap like the one did for Benny and Lily. I am 4 years old, and I have gone through 4 of them.
    If I am around cars, my moms want to be sure I cannot pull our further than what I should,, so I have a short leash then.
    I hope this information helps you, but I do beleive there is a place for the Flexi. Each person knows their doggys personality, and how much control they need.

  8. Hi everybody, Sluggo again. Thanks you guys for all your input. I had forgot about your motorcycle incident Lily. We are definitely going to use extreme cautionnwith this leash, and Mom says she will only use it in secluded areas. Sounds a little cereal killer doesn't it? Should I be worried? Naaaaahh.

  9. Hello Sluggo!! Cool posty with great info!!

    Okay so the pawrents walk Anakin and I'z on retratables. Anakin and I'z walk next to each other and you would laugh 'cuz my tail curls to the left and I'z on his left side and his tail curls to the right and he's on my right side. (He trys to keep up'z with me...snortz)

    Both the pawrents love the retractables.
    Josies butt gets the royal treatment in the pink puggie buggie and TriXie so far has been puggie buggie'd too'z... whaTever'z~~

    You all look cute on your walkies!!

    Tell Wilma IzZY says hey!!


  10. Before our newest sibling 'Hannibal' came, Butter and I each had a Flexi. We did sometimes get maypoled. When that happens the momma uses words that are illegal for me to types on here!

    The momma has been wanting to do the 'Y' leash that kitty+Coco were talking about. That way there a whole free hand for our new GIANT brother.

    Your frequently maypoled Who, Sugar

  11. hi sluggo!
    oh what a great review!
    emmitt has a 25 foot retractable lead for the exact same reason!
    now that he is a bit older, he does not need all of that slack, but his parents have been trained on it! heeee!

    we just bught him a puppia harness and are excited to try it on him.

    m & e

  12. I have a flexi mini, I love it. Sometimes when I am really super duper excited I play tug of war with it which is a never ended battle as it is retractable. It makes my mama mad, but afterwards she will catch me and pick me up and tell me how bad I've been. Needless to say it doesn't happen often!

  13. We use a flexi retractable leash when I'm wearing my Puppia harness which really helps me keep from pulling my fool neck off! Mom really likes it EXCEPT when I got tangled with my cousin Jack's retractable leash and she got some gnarly leash burns on her legs, she still has scars. Ouch! She bought me a regular leash too but it has been hard for her to get used to because it gets all twisted up and she thinks it's harder to keep at a good length. But now she's scared after hearing about the retractables breaking! Yikes!




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