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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Worst I Ever Been!

It's been a busy week. A whole lot of nothing as far as I am concerned. But apparently, as Mom tells it, I was as bad as a bad pug can be the other day at the nail spa. Hey, she can't say I didn't warn them. When I kick and scratch, wriggle and squirm, you can pretty much assume that I am not in the mood. But they persisted, and so did I. Both of the good dogs were all done, and two chicks couldn't even reel me in.

Mom told Dad she could hear the scuffle going on. She normally doesn't watch because I tend to be better when she doesn't. Not this time. First she heard, "Kim, a little help". Couple minutes later "this girl is stubborn". So she peeked around the corner, cuz she knew it had to be me making all the fuss. I was being so bad! I was writhing around, squirming to get loose, but those girls were stubborn too! Let's just say they don't call me WILL-ma for nothing. Those girls worked for their tip, that is one thing for sure. Today's pictures are not from the spa, Mom was way too embarrassed to document that whole deal on film. These are some shots from a walk in what we thought was a new park, and turned out to be a cemetery being expanded. It was nice and quiet.

See, it doesn't matter how you act, they are still compelled to do great things for you. We even got some whippy.


  1. Oh WILLma!! Yes!! Make 'um work for it girl. I had to go to the vet for my yearly with Josie and I'z did a massive poopers on the floor. The ladies behind the counter looked at Mommy like 'um couldn't you have taken care of her before...
    I'z saved it up just for my visit!!!! Moi ha ha ha!!

    They don't call me IzZaButts for nothingz!! You do look relaxed if you ask me...


  2. BOL, bottom line, they love us
    Benny & Lily

  3. LOL! aww wilma! looking good isn't always easy :) cyrus hates getting his nails done too. with enough treats the nail techs can do just the bare minimum. i can't even touch his paws in general without him jumping lol

  4. Wilma I am horriable at nails. So bad they decided to do something specails at the vet for me. I go every day or every other day to get my nails done. I usually get one to two nails trimmed then I am done. They are trying to de-sensitize me to the horriable ordeal. Plus I fight so hard I turn blue hee hee. On monday when I go I will have gotton all my nails cut yeah!!! Maybe they can try something like that for you. And Pearlie Poo is you read this ask abouts it too! I go to Petsmart Banfeild and they are being so nice about this nail stuff.

    Good Luck Wilma!


  5. Isabelle here. I hear ya, Wilma. Well, really I don't because chronic ear infections made me deaf. But I feel ya. I had to have my ears cleaned out last week. It took three people to hold me still, and you could hear my screams all the way to the lobby. And I didn't even get any whippy cream! They finally had to stop because I carried on so much they thought I would pass out.

  6. Wilma
    I hear you loud and clear. This nail stuff is for the birds.
    Good thing your mom and dad did not stay mad for ever. The whippy was a sign they were not mad.

  7. Haaaaaahahaaa, IzzaBUTTS,
    That is freaking hysterical! I love that you pooped on the floor. Those girls should just deal with it. You are IZzabutts!

    Benny & Lily,
    You know it. Nothing they can do.

    Brigitte is the one whose paws you can't touch in real life, but she is good for nails. I just like to be high maintenance and dramatic!

    Wow Sequoia,
    I can' t believe you have them carting your butt back and forth to the vet every day for your nails. That probably increases your treat consumption exponentially.

    Oh Isabelle,
    I am starting to feel like a lame wannabe drama queen. You poor thing though, it must be stressful as hell.

    My Mom never stays mad at me for long. Even if I am being bad, she thinks it is awesome that I am so spunky. Boy, have I got her wrapped around my paw!

  8. nothing worse than getting your nails trimmed... maybe your ears cleaned.... or your teeth brushed! it's a lot of work to be so beautiful!



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