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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worldwide Moment add: credit where credit is due

That's 6PM here on the East coast. I am going to get my candle right now.

For all the little creatures of the world

That's my dinner time. I will postpone my meal for tonight

I was in such a hurry earlier to pass the word about the Second Annual Worldwide Moment, that I neglected to credit the creator of this awesome endeavor.Jake and Fergie over at Two Special Wires started this last year. We learned about it from Winston the chair pug of that Fire hydrant Club that Sluggo is in.

We think it was a great thing to do and we are glad we heard about it. Thanks!


  1. We join ♥s wif you to surround our world in l♥ve to comfort those who suffer and those who cry.

  2. I sit shoulder to shoulder with you,, as we silently remember and light your candle.
    You have the kindest heart- to post pone your dinner.

  3. It was a magical moment! Thanks Wilma.

    Your pal, Pip



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